Monday, August 29, 2011

Some Legends Never Die

Yesterday after church, Adam and Jude had a little fun together, which ended up finishing off with a scene from The Exorcist. I seriously don't know what's up with this kid, but he can't not show off on video--if "showing off" is what you want to call it.
Enjoy, and happy Monday! 

Saturday, August 27, 2011


what?... there something on my face?

Happy weekend, everyone! 

Friday, August 26, 2011

This Is Getting a Little Out of Hand

...did my kid seriously just turn 5 months yesterday? Honestly, why are the months flying by? 
Is it because I'm lazy watching Grey's Anatomy and not getting dressed until a half an hour before Adam comes everyday? 
It is because it's summer and summer always seems to end too soon? 
Is it because I'm a mom and moms always say that? 
Anyway, whatever it is, I hate/love it. Hate it because my little boy is starting to look like a little man, and love it because he's more fun each day. 
Wow, I totally sound like a mom.
We went out for dinner yesterday. Can you guess where?
Lucky guess. We never do that. 

he's just started doing this old man face. haha cute kid. 

If he turns 6 months anytime soon I might freak out.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Guess What?

..I have a nipple.
You guys should get checked. You might have one too. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

On Saturday

...we went for a long overdue shopping trip to Portland. 

Don't mind the cut-off baby. We look better anyway. 

We stopped at this place called Buffalo Exchange first. It's a consignment store where you can buy, trade, and/or sell barely used clothes. IT IS SO AWESOME. I kind of went nuts, but only ended up getting a skirt and a pair of skinny capri trousers. Which I am in love with. I will model these sometime soon. 
Afterwards, we stopped at Adam's work to grab a soda and use the that order.
Daddy's desk :)

Our last trip was to Gap where I got this blazer for $40, when it's for sale online for $80. Not even kidding, I started having palpitations when I put this blazer on. It's everything I've ever wanted and the fit is PERFECT. And there was only one. Which means it must have been for me.

Afterwards, we came home, stripped, and tried to endure the sweltering heat while eating Otterpops and watching Newsies. 

How was your weekend?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Will Remember This When You're 15

It's 7AM and my child has been awake since 6. 
Dad's in bed, mom's on baby duty. 
The rest of the world is snoozing, dreaming about rainbows and green meadows and how wonderful breakfast is going to be at 9 or 10AM--yet here I sit: blood-shot eyes, scary bedhead, and cloudy vision, day-dreaming about cruel ways I can wake him up when he's 15, while the little monster repeatedly bangs his head into the sliding door because he doesn't understand it's in between him and the cracking dawn. 
I love you, kid, but you're killing me. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Same Old, But Good Old

Unfortunately, the friends we were originally visiting with tonight were arriving too late to go out with us tonight. So, the 3 of us went out for our traditional cheap sushi date. We went to a different place though, about 15 minutes away, so we felt like we were being a little bit more adventurous. Imagine that. We were a little nervous about our tired little chicken nugget being a shrieking banshee all night, but he slept for the majority of the meal and then talked to himself for the rest. 

It's like he's always prepared for an impending attack. 
Good thing he woke up like this!

At this point, Adam broke out his quiet, seductive voice:
 "Do something your boobs..."

On our way back, we stopped at Mickey D's for a dollar ice cream cone. I always feel like I'm scoring big-time when I buy one of those things. I'm obsessed with ice cream...or anything fattening and sweet for that matter--mmmm french fries dipped in frosty sounds irresistible right now. " much do you love me?"
To go on with the story: have you ever heard of this guy? Trale Lewous? K, well my youngest sister is famous for discovering the most ridiculous videos that you know 12 year-old boys pull up during sleepovers and quote for an entire year. This is one of them.
Maybe I've watched this way too many times with lover boy laughing my ears off..12 yr old boy, much?.. but anytime I need a pick-me-up I turn to this video. Ok, now that you have the background--here's what happend: The guy that took our order at McDonald's looked and sounded exactly like him. After stopping at the wrong window to pay, we heard this oddly familiar, loud, crackling voice screaming for us to come "up here!!" It was Trale's doppleganger. I basically stopped breathing at that point. Adam said he hasn't seen me laugh that hard since being with my sisters. I begged Adam to let us go back and videotape him saying "Butterfingers is easy," but he said it might ruin his day to have someone liken him to someone as off as Trale Lewous. Anyway, I'm dying inside that we didn't get to do it, but the poor guy looked and sounded just like him. I can still hear him saying, "Here's your cone! Have a nice day!" Nice guy, unfortunate likeness to an unfortunate YouTube video. 

uggghhh...k well we're going to curl up and watch some kind of man-flick I have no idea of the name of. Which means I'll be out cold in 15 minutes. 
Have a nice night! 



What are your plans for the weekend?
Adam and I and boo are meeting with one of Adam's mission friends and his wife in Portland tonight.
Exciting? Exciting.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Adventures

Wow, this week definitely got away from me. It's been a chill and busy week--I'll just tell you that much. Lots of sunshine and outdoors activities. 
Over the weekend we went to one of our dear friends' wedding receptions and had a wonderful time. The bride and groom were beautiful and the reception did them justice. 
Here's a blurry picture for your viewing pleasure--and an awkward candid shot. Love you too, hunny :)

I can't even believe it, but we started Jude on rice cereal last night. At first it was pretty sad. Then he got the hang of it. This morning he downed it like a champ--it seriously took him 5 minutes. I foresee my grocery bill doubling in the near future. 
The following videos are how it went down last night. Try not to get emotional. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hey Jude

Hey Jude,

Daddy worked from home today. 
For a little while you decided you were going to be his chubby little assistant. 

Later, during your lunch break, we went swimming.  

But just a couple minutes ago, Daddy had to say goodbye for the evening. 
So, it's just you and me, pumpkin, livin' it up on a Friday night. 
Got any ideas? 

I think snuggling up at 8 o'clock with a cup of tea and 
The Lion King sounds about right. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I've got 3 wedding receptions to attend this week, one of which was tonight, and I've only got one thing on my mind....:)
Tonight we had some delicious red-velvet and raspberry-filled chocolate cake at the beautiful Nikki Bean's reception. Her cake was so good I almost went for seconds--stupid love-handles are cramping my style. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Something Was Funny

We shot a couple of videos tonight while Jude was in a good mood before going to bed.
Haha I love it when he's so giggly. 
He never did his full out giggle--but these videos still make me laugh, and hopefully they make you laugh too :). Ugh..I have such a wonderful little boy.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Over the Weekend

Good news!--our camera's battery charger has been replaced and we're back documenting our life with the little guy.
Here's what we've been up to:
1. Saturday morning we woke up and went for a run at 9AM to a local bakery. Seriously, best. motivating. factor. ever. 
Like Adam's t-shirt? You should. He designed it. 

mmmmm we got a cheddar and bacon biscuit and some kind
of blueberry coffee cake. Marvelous. 

Jude came too, and in the closest thing he has to a tracksuit.
Where did it all go?
Maybe you'll get some next time, my love. 
2. We went to Merwin Lake. And it was freezing. And mom decided
makeup was optional. 
Sleepy face. 

Discovering grass. 
Eating grass.  

It almost looks like he has a diaper wedgie.
That's a big bootie. 
3. Jude has also discovered faces. He likes to touch them, claw at them, and
suck on noses.

Here's a super insignificant video of my two boys hanging out yesterday. Now that the camera's back in commission you can see the little guy in action. Please excuse the side-ways view. I keep forgetting it's a video and not a photo. Easily solved by tilting your head. 

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