Sunday, August 6, 2017

Scout's 3rd Birthday in Portland!

Scout's birthday was on Saturday, and because of her intense love for animals and Blue Planet, we decided to drive down to Portland for an overnight and take her for a long-overdue day at the Oregon Zoo! We loved taking Jude there during our three years of living in the Portland-area and knew Scout would love it too. 

Thanks, Peggy and Brad, for being such wonderful hosts and not only putting up with our craziness, but also being so overly generous and kind. We love you and your family so much!

Oh, Maggie, my poor kids totally wore you out. Pretty sure you deserved one of those blueberry muffins Scout and Jude were dying to give you. 

We drove down with this obnoxious balloon JUST so we could that this photo. Worth it. 

She loved this cute little circus tent purse we got her so much that she carried it around the whole time we were at the zoo! All the pointing she did too was pretty adorable, and saying, "Bye, aminals!", every time we moved on to a new exhibit.  

"Woot, mom! Sea tows!" Look, mom! Sea cows (lions).

Those elephants are awesome, aren't they Jude? 

After the zoo we ate lunch over at Pine Street Market while the girls napped. The Korean bbq place there is AMAZING, btw. GO. Also go because Salt and Straw sells soft-serve at the Wiz Bang Bar and it's KILLER. 
And oddly enough, this is the second time we've done Scout's birthday in Portland and also the second time she slept through Salt and Straw. 

The chocolate fudge soft serve Jude got really was the best thing ever. 

We couldn't pass up the Saturday Market and the splash pad. I see you, Pip! 

Jude and Piper are my fearless water-bugs. They didn't inherit that from me. 
Scout would rather dance to the bands playing at the Market. Also, I promise that isn't a varicose vein on my right leg there. But so what if it is?? I worked hard to make my babies, dang it.

Pre-dinner cake at Papa Haydn was absolutely necessary. That huckleberry compote in between layers of hazelnut cake and frosting was a totally acceptable appetizer. 

THE BEST pizza in Portland. Order it fresh, order it hot. And just get the plain cheese, you idiots. 

NY pizza was just the thing to get us even more excited for our trip back east this week, where we'll pay a fraction of the cost for a large cheese. HA! We can't wait! 

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