Thursday, September 11, 2014

Our new little lady

Welp, I have a daughter.
A beautiful, beautiful daughter.
And it's been wonderful. And it's also quite terrifying. 
When Jude was born I looked at the little man in my arms and pictured him as just that: a little man. A boy. Peter Pan. Dirt, rocks, bikes, bugs..mischief. 
When I look at our little Scout I see a 16-year-old woman. 
And it terrifies me. 

But enough of that. 
Guys, we welcomed a little sister into our family a little over a month ago.
Being a mother all over again has filled me with even greater purpose and love. 
She's just perfect, and she fits right in.
And we feel so very blessed. 

Photo credit to the amazing Casey McDaniel!

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