Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Freaken Weekend

Busy, busy, fun weekend. How was yours?
What did we do?
Oh, how nice of you to ask. 
Well, we got sushi. We really like sushi. This place had it on a conveyer belt AND it was happy hour = half off all plates = we stuffed our faces. 

and apparently Jude's face. 
There was some bath time.

and some sploosh eating.
p.s. "Sploosh" is when you take a spoonful of chocolate cookie dough and microwave it for 20 seconds. It's basically warm cookie dough and it is DIVINE.
There was some chill time
and some light shopping in P-town.
There was some plaid wearing

and also some bbq-ing with family

and finally, some s'more making with friends. {Yes, this is the best picture I have of the s'more making with friends.}
GREAT family weekend. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Love You Forever

This morning I woke up on my side, face-to-face with a baby ravenously sucking his hand while smiling real big at me. 
"Good morning, Mama!" 
I love being his Mama. 
p.s. Read this book. Buy this book. It'll make you blubber like your baby. Barring of course that you have a baby. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday {Part 1}

I love Sydney from The Daybook. I remember coming across her blog and being like, "Ok, she's skinny and she's modest. No skinny girl is ever modest unless she's Mormon." And that she was. And then I recognized some areas where she took pictures and realized that she was a student at BYU-Idaho just like me! Adam totally knows her from design classes. Or at least that's what he says. Anyway, she's got a weekly segment called Awkward and Awesome Thursday and I thought I'd join in.
-Little man woke up sucking on my shirt where my milk-filled boobs used to be. 
-Husband's morning goodbye kisses while I'm still in bed. "I'm pretty sure she hasn't brushed her teeth yet. Should I risk it and go for the lips, or play it safe and bypass to the cheek?"
-When the little dude wets the bed in the middle of the night. "Ummmm...how bout I just change you and we don't tell Daddy."
-When a very big, creepy man stops me on my way out of Winco. "Miss? MISS?!...uh, yeah?...Wanna hear a joke?...No sir, no I don't."
-The fact that Adam and I are sharing a razor. You didn't know that hunny, did you? 
-When husband showers at night and realizes after getting dressed that the blinds in our room were never shut. Well HELLO there!
-When a lady holding a baby smaller than Jude says, "Oh, I remember when she was that small." ..."Uh, how old is she?"..."4 months." --like I said, the kid likes his milk. 
-Jude's loud blowouts in church. "I swear it wasn't me."
-When a stranger asks to hold my child. "Uh..sure..what are you gunna do with him?"
-Adam and I doing P90X. "Umm..hun?...seeing as we don't have a pull-up bar I'm going to have to improvise with your arms..."
-During little man's bath I tried to sit him up to wash his back. He instead insisted on completely standing up. "...okaayy...or that..."
-Adam and I made sploosh last night. I will make a post about this amazing stuff later. 
-We also snuggled and watched the Disney animated version of Robyn Hood. 
-We're going to Philadelphia in a few weeks! I am getting the nastiest cheesesteak ever.
-Jude-bug let me take a long shower this morning while he played on the floor AND he's sleeping at this very moment in his swing. Guess who's waking up to a fresh, warm bottle?
-I start clinical at Southwest Medical Center this fall!
-I'm 10 lbs. from my pre-preggo weight. Don't know what I'm gunna do about the overly-stretched skin tho...
-Pizza date night this Saturday. Family date night, that is. 
-Adam's letting me get new pumps for my friend's wedding. He scored big time. 
-Jude now imitates sounds we make. It's hilarious. Videos to come. 
-Adam also gets off early on Friday and has all Monday off too = looonnggg family weekend!

What makes you awkward and awesome?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Wishes

I started following a beautiful blog called brightwishes.blogspot.com. The lovely lady that writes it has a weekly post called, "Wednesday Wishes." 
What are my Wednesday Wishes?

1. A Big, White Kitchen
I love food, remember? I want my kitchen to be the favorite room of the house. I want my kids to sit at school and dream about all the yummy things I'm making in this kitchen. Plus, coming from very strong English ancestry, we need an awesome kitchen to have late night tea and cookies in. I think I'll have Adam install a stereo system too. 
2. More Cool Artwork 
Even though my husband's a designer, we still need more cool stuff to throw on our wall. This one I found at thesearethings.com. I love NY. I spent some great time in the city before I got married and we were married in the temple there. So, this piece would have special meaning. Plus, it's just cool.

3. A freaking NY slice.
Anytime I even mention NY I get hungry. For pizza. We actually found a place in Vancouver that's run by someone from Jersey. It's pretty legit. I attracted their attention because we went there all the time when I was massively pregnant. So often, in fact, that they offered us a free giant pizza for when after Jude was born. These people will go down in history as my heros. I can never repay them for satisfying those hardcore cravings. Come visit and we'll take you there!
4. Pinkberry
Crap, now you've got me started on food. You know those frozen yogurt places you're all in love with? They're all mocks of Pinkberry. IT IS HEAVENLY. And regrettably only in California, NY, and oddly, Denver. Vanilla with strawberries and bananas is my favorite. The first time I took Adam there he took one bite, looked down at his spoon, and seriously said, "This is the best dessert I've ever had." Too bad I eat it for lunch whenever I'm there. 
-and last, but certainly not least-
5. Nude Pumps
One of my greatest friends is getting married in a few weeks and Adam and I are making the trip back east for it for me to be a bride's maid. I'm so honored! The dress is a matte brown, and floor length--so unless I want to trip on my dress while walking down the aisle, I need a killer pair of these pumps. Think that's a convincing-enough argument for Adam? 

What are your wishes?  

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chicken and a Baby Sub

Since Jude's recent plumping up, he's now out of his newborn clothes and fitting into 3-6 month clothes. Which means that he now fits into the Beatles onesies we've received from our wonderful friends--and also that we have like zero clothes for him. Sorry bug. You like to kick your naked legs in the air anyway. 
Today he wore his yellow submarine one from our sweet, sweet, darling Myra Lindstrom. He looked so cute. Duh. 
p.s. He finally likes his swing. WIN. 

Also, I wanted to share a recipe with you guys that we used last night. Adam and I really love food. GOOD food. And we're also pretty healthy eaters. Except for the weekends. They're freebees.  Anyway, we like to experiment and try new foods and ingredients, and one thing we love to use while cooking is goat cheese. Last night, we made...ahem, I made...a great recipe for chicken breasts with goat cheese and tomatoes. Super easy, super delicious, and actually super good for you. It's one of those recipes that tastes like it took a lot of work. 
Tricks on you, buddy, because it didn't. 
What do you need?

Two 4-ounce chicken breasts
1/2 cup of diced tomatoes (recipe called for canned tomatoes, but I like fresh ones with garlic powder)
2 ounces of goat cheese
2 tablespoons of basil
Salt and pepper to taste

What to do?
Heat an oven-safe skillet until hot. Spray the skillet with cooking spray and immediately add the chicken breasts. Cook until each of the sides are golden brown, about 1-2 mins. per side. 
Remove the skillet from heat and top each breast with tomatoes, followed by the goat cheese. Transfer the skillet to the oven and bake at 350 degrees until the chicken is cooked through and the goat cheese is melted {p.s. it doesn't really melt it just looks melty, if that makes any sense}, about 5-9 minutes. Top with basil. Serve. Eat. Savor. Enjoy life. Blah blah blah. 
It was D-lish. Definitely going to makes this over, and over, and over again. 
As you can tell, I forgot the basil. Still amazing tho.
Adam ate his with whole wheat noodles. I stuck with just the chicken and veggies for a low-carb dish.

Look at us all domesticated. Nah, we just like taking pictures of our food. 
Like food perves. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

For Brynne

So my sister Brynne requested "more baby." So here's a bunch of videos I haven't yet uploaded.
For those of you with no relation to Jude: There is ZERO obligation to watch these. 
Sicko- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPDOx1Yk8Go
Big Boy- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBlO8mGrOH0
Jude's New Toy- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zD1Ajs0e1UU
Sunday Fun - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mr4wkbdE7cY
Just click to the right of each of these. For some reason they're not showing up. 

I'm Sensing a Tradition in the Making

Annnddd we're back to the balcony. I feel like these pictures just scream, "We want to take pictures of our little family outside, but don't want to leave the security of our apartment to venture out into the unknown." You would understand if you lived in the ghetto too. 
But why not? Should we make family balcony pictures a Sunday tradition?
Hey, at least it'll give me a reason to take pictures, right? 
"Don't you already take THOUSANDS of pictures of your child on a daily basis anyway?"
Shut your face. 
Jude AND Daddy got in on the action as well. They're the most handsome men I know. Women and women babies can't help but double take. 

Tonight we had tilapia and stir-fried vegetables for dinner. It made me feel very Northwestern. That and I'm pretty sure my deodorant wasn't working all day. Sisters of the 7th Ward: Thanks for the heads up. I know you were all silently judging me. 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Meltdown - Part 1

For some reason, grasping and illuminating all the things that really piss me off has been a fool-proof way to find amusement in my everyday annoyances, blood boilers, and stinging smacks in the face. Keep in mind, I am in no way on the verge of a meltdown, but what normal person doesn't have a couple of things to get off their chest by the end of the week? So hold on, Vancouver-Portland area, this is your first, of of course many, uncalled for expose's:

- Why are we all still stuck in the 90's? And not the good 90's. I'm talking dirty plaid button down, baggy-ripped Levi's, greasy hair parted down the middle, and a swagger that says, "I'm under the impression that not bathing or washing my clothes is trendy and desirable."
- For people that experience a lot of moisture year-round, why do you brake every time a rain drop lands on your windshield? You're causing a lot of traffic.
- Speaking of traffic-- how many people commute to-and-from Portland a day? A lot? So why are there 2 highways to get you home? Both of which go to completing different sides of Vancouver? If you think you're being green by recycling, you're not. It all evens out with the hundreds of cars stuck on your freeways for hours each week. 
- Yes, I am married and have a child. That doesn't mean that when guessing my age you can automatically assume that I'm in my 30s. 
- Thanks, by no thanks on the unsolicited baby advice. 
- To my neighbor down the way, if you knock on your door harder maybe you'll beat some kind of record. 
- Hey boobs: get it together and do your one job. My child is hungry. 
- To all you frozen yogurt places--Yolicious, YoCream, YoCrap--please stop charging me Pinkberry prices for stuff that is definitely not Pinkberry.
- Why do all of our friends live far away? 
- Mount Hood: PLEASE don't freak out. Had I known you were an active volcano I wouldn't have moved here. 
- To the tree huggers: Your attempts at emulating the soft, whisper-like voices of the elves on the Lord of the Rings are creepy and completely out of context. Climb back into your Subaru Outbacks, with your Obama memorabilia--no doubt--and keep driving until you reach the undying land. Kind of upsets me that I know that reference. 

No mas. 


When Adam's at work and I'm home with Jude, there's a certain time each day when we both are so over our current surroundings and situations that we turn to Skype chat to talk and send each other stuff.
Yesterday, Adam sent this to me. 

I think he was trying to score some video game time. 
Nice try, Mister. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Brand New Toy

Jude's got a brand new toy...or a toy... c/o Nana. At first he wasn't sure about it, but now he's all over it -- like Amy Winehouse on...well, you know...crack. 
"Is this a family blog?'

And here's a new vid for kicks--and all you crazy grandmas. 
Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Jude likes to sleep on his belly.
Jude also likes to sleep on the couch.
= Jude likes to sleep on his belly on the couch.
Jude is also an impressively strong kid. 
= Somehow during his 10 minute routine of waking himself up, Jude shimmied his way to the edge of the couch and rolled off. 
Mom heard the screaming from the other room. 
= Mom feels like a really bad Mom. 
Thankfully, our apartment is covered in shag carpet, and Jude fell on his back on the shag rug we have on top of the shag carpet. But, Mom still felt awful. So, Jude went to see the Doc, just to make sure everything was a-okay. 
As a nurse, it's easy for me to pick up on doctors being condescending. This particular pediatrician, who isn't Jude's regular one, was a biznatch. FLAT OUT. The kind where you almost wish you had 6 inch nails just so you could scratch that I'm-so-superior-to-you-it-hurts look off their face. 
Woah. Violent. 
Anyway, she called my boy fat. 
Oh, no you didn't. 
She said I was probably overfeeding him because at two months he's almost doubled his birth weight. 
Big whoop. My boy likes his milk. 
But of course, Mom left feeling like a bad Mom all over again. "You're overfeeding him." 
It's okay though. Jude actually had his two month check the next day and his REAL pediatrician got everything squared away. 
Words of encouragement:
"You can't overfeed him at this age." 
"He looks great!"
"That particular pediatrician is gung-ho about BMI. Don't listen to her. She's crazy."                   - noted.
-and my personal favorite-
"Don't beat yourself up. You're doing great!"
And once I thought I was on top of my game, that my little boy was healthy and feeling fine, I was shown a long list of vaccines he needed today.
I wish I could say he took it well. But he really didn't. His face turned purple, he cried harder than ever, and I felt just awful. Again. 
So we went home. And one big empty bottle with a dose of cherry Tylenol later, my boy collapsed in Mommy's arms. 
Rough two days, champ. We love you. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Zoo With Boo

Hey Jude,
I took you on your first trip to the zoo. We went with Nana, Uncle Matt and Aunt Kim, and your cousins Paris, Vienna, and Talmadge. I must say that this trip was just as momentous for me as it was for you. See, Mom hasn't been to the zoo since her kindergarten class went on a field trip to the big one in Philadelphia. And even then, all she remembers is eating animal crackers and throwing a penny in the wishing well, wishing with all of her little girl heart and little boy-like hair that Reid Carrescia would like her. SO, seeing lions, seals, and elephants was a thrill for Mom. 
We saw a tiger with stripes...
...and you wore your tiger one-sie with stripes.
We went on a train around the zoo...
...and you drooled on Mommy's chest the whole time.
But then you woke up...and we saw lots of other animals together.
You hung out with Aunt Kim...
...And even Nana...
...and then we all gorged ourselves on elephant ears.

It was a great day.
Next time:
We'll do it with Daddy. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


You'll have to excuse the total lack of posting. Between blogger being down and this crazy weekend, blogging's definitely been put on the cold back-burner. 
Why was this weekend crazy?
All of Adam's family was finally together for Jude's blessing on Sunday. 
WHAT a momentous occasion. We couldn't have asked for a better weekend. All weekend the Spirit was so strong, testifying of the sacredness and eternal nature of family. Adam gave a beautiful blessing and Jude couldn't have been more calm or cute. I know that for me, having a beautiful child and consecrating him to the very being that so lovingly sent him to us is the greatest thing I have ever done. And it definitely felt like the greatest thing I could ever do. 
SO, Saturday night we had a DELICIOUS dessert soiree with some very close friends and family and, like I said, Sunday was the blessing. 
Pictures? Sorry, there's only a few. It was a crazy weekend. 
Beautiful Amanda
Gorgeous Mindie and Kim 
All the siblings out to dinner (w/out the kids!)
Jude's dessert soiree. He wanted a little somethin-somethin' too. 
Dirty face...yes I  bathe my child.

Chillin with Papa

It WAS a happy blessing day
Our great friends, Phil and Jessica

Family and friends

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


mmmmm hello Aldo...
I think yes. 

This is also delicious-looking. 

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