Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The 3rd Birthday

Hey Jude,

Happy 3rd birthday, my sweet, sweet darling boy! 
What a year it's been!
You decided you finally wanted to start talking. And I'm so glad, because you're totally freaking hilarious. 
Some of my favorite things you're saying now are:
"Ma-mom, boops! Boops!" (Mom, boobs!). 
"Hoey crap" (holy crap) "Oh, NO!", "Oh MAN."
"No, no touch." 
"Train! Ready, set, go!" (whenever we see a train stopped at a station) 
"Come 'ere!" (He says as he waves to you violently to come see what he's doing). 

And what you're doing:
Kissing me constantly. 
Pointing and kissing my belly and saying "baby!" And whenever you see an actual baby girl you walk up carefully and stroke her head and kiss her cheeks. 
Pushing dining room chairs around the entire house to reach everything you want. 
Sitting on our stoop perfectly content. 
Waking me up every morning by handing me one of my necklaces. 
Discovering that lying in the bath tub and covering your ears with water is the most magical thing ever. 
Asking daddy to "wing" (swing) you at every possible moment. 
Yelling "Ma-mom!" and running to me even when it's only been 5 minutes since we last saw each other. 
Always being willing to give me an extra-big bite of whatever you're eating. 

You're the light of my life, buddy. And I know you and little sister are going to be the absolute best of friends. 

So today:
Mommy and daddy got you a scooter. We thought hiding it in daddy's office would make it safe enough, but this morning you woke up before us and found it. By the time we rolled out of bed you were already scooting towards us with it. 

Just look at that happy, blurry kid! 

Then we had oatmeal with strawberries for breakfast. And of course all you ate were the strawberries, and then we got ready for your two friends to come and celebrate with pizza and cupcakes!

Just look at those darling girls and their gorgeous
mama! (thanks so much for coming to play, Melissa!)


When our friends left we scooted around some more. 

And continued eating non-stop.
No like literally, he ate non-stop
from breakfast on--whatever, it's his birthday.

Saturday we're going to have a family
party for you to celebrate with Papa (Grandpa Burwell)
since your birthdays are only a day apart!
Can't wait to see what this next year brings.

Oh wait, I already know. A baby sister. Can't forget about her. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

That time I wore that dress

I wore a dress to church today that really accentuates any and all belly. And then when I realized it was doing that thing where it pulls the belly taut in the front and then leaves the back with nothing to do but perfectly and unflatteringly pull up on your butt cheeks it all became very clear:
There's a baby in my belly again.


Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring, everyone!
I've made a resolve that with this new, glorious season upon us that I would make a greater effort to blog about our life here in our new friend called sunshine. 
We've missed her greatly. 
Yesterday, we went to Rita's Italian Ice for their opening of the season to enjoy a free ice and welcome Spring the right way. With free food. 

21 weeks and of course feeling huge. 

That night we had a perfectly Mexican meal, which we've discovered is one of Jude's favorites! Can you believe that little dude will be 3 on Tuesday??

Also, here's just some little moments from our lives over the past few weeks. 

Last week at 20 weeks--half way mark! 

A few weeks ago our dear friends Myra and Kenneth came to visit and we felt super cool when they had us over to their swanky NYC hotel to eat an entire cheesecake. Nothing is sexier than that city and cheesecake. 

Jude's new obsession is playdough and we've been playing with it more than I care to. But I mean, that face...am I right? 

Does anyone remember Stoop Kid from Hey Arnold? 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dreaming of summer

I'm obsessed and I can't wait.
Like literally, I'm pretending it's already summer and eating all the ice cream in the house. 
Like a true summer beach babe. 

All pics from last summer. I think it's safe to say another Speedo is in order for this little watermelon connoisseur. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Another Baby!

16 weeks! (and post nap. don't do that to yourself)

Yup. It's true. 
Another babe--and this time, a little girl!
And our little family of three is beyond excited! Jude is going to be such a sweet big brother and I can't wait for this summer.
Yeah sure, I mean, it's going to be leg stickingly hot and any and all pictures of me from June on will be non-exhistent.
Not because we won't try and take them. Just because the swelling from the ridiculous heat and humidity will make it so I can't even fit in a full picture unless taken from very far away. 
So I guess you'll just get body parts. Like pictures of my arms and knees.  

Oh it's going to be awful.
But, I mean, I get a baby out of it, come on. 

So far, this pregnancy has been different in a lot of ways from Jude's.
The nausea started only a few weeks in and made it so I slept constantly to avoid throwing up all over everyone and could only stomach cheese and eggs. 
I ate SO much cheese. 

Now, the nausea has thankfully gone for the most part and I'm now just fighting the fatigue. Also, for some annoying reason my chin and cheeks are always red. Like, really? Can't a girl feel at least a little attractive while she's creating a miracle? 

We are beyond thrilled and can't thank you all enough for your kind words and well wishes. We'll keep you updated on how things are going! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day.

What's this, mom?

Oh brother. 

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Just a little update

Just prior to moving to New Jersey, Jude decided while sipping ice water it might be an interesting experiment to see what would happen if he spat said water all over mommy's keyboard.
Results: mommy's computer has been in the shop. 
And since Adam is a self-employed man, he's basically glued to his iMac, which renders me computerless and, therefore, blog post-less. 
Honestly,  friends and family keep asking us "what's new??" and "any recent adventures?"
Adventures? If you don't mean walking from the bathroom and back, then no.
We're so painfully boring.
Although my 3 night-shifts a week seems pretty harmless, I am basically either pinned to the couch dozing off or sitting up until 4 in the morning watching "You've Got Mail" to battle the insomnia the other 4 days. 
Also, it has been frigidly cold and snowy lately, so aside from the occasional YMCA visit, we stay indoors. 
Oh wow, I just painted a pretty bleak picture.
It's not bleak, I'm sorry, it's just shockingly mediocre. 

Needless to say, I'm PINING for summer. Like, PINING.
All humidity and constant sweating aside, we live so close to so much and I honestly think it's torture that we have to wait until May to enjoy it all.
I can make it till May, I can make it till May...
To curb the sting of this bitter cold, we eat lots of pizza (Jude calls it "peetz!"), Oreos, bagels, and just discovered a pretty killer donut place literally around the corner. 
There's something about sleep deprivation that makes real food sound just repulsive and anything over-salted and fried seem like manna from heaven. 

Also, in a fit of desperate curiosity, the other day I looked up flights and park tickets for Disney World and realized it'd probably be cheaper just to go to Mexico for a month or buy a life-time tanning membership.
How the heck do you parents take your kids to Disney World so often?! Do you use your kids' college money and just not tell them? Or sell puppies to Cruella Deville?

So in between working, insomnia, overeating, and attempting potty-training one painful minute at a time, we're just overly busy and grateful.
Of course, we're grateful.
For goodness sakes, we are a very blessed family and have met wonderful friends and made unforgettable memories with our family members nearby. All-the-while Adam is taking on fantastic and exciting projects and I am progressing so quickly in my education and experience. Jude is finally taking off with his speech and we die everytime he says, "Oh, no! Tess, you okay?" to his melted Thomas the Train, or, "Wait!!!! Where are you going?" when we leave the room. Each new day is a new adventure and I am humbled by how much we have learned since moving here. 

No but seriously summer, hurry up. Chop chop. I've got some chubby toddler legs to squeeze into striped Speedos. 
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