Monday, July 21, 2014

Jude and Meema

All last week we were up in upstate New York enjoying the beautiful Adirondacks at Lake George! This year was extra-special because our near-90-year-old Grandma Handley came all the way from Missouri to spend the week with us, along with one of my aunts and cousins. It was a total blast and well-deserved, especially for our poor, neglected Jude who is constantly trying to peel this mama off of the couch. Hey, I made you lunch, didn't I? 

While I sort through photos, here's my favorite video of the trip:
Jude and Great Grandma (Meema) really bonded over the week and he gets so excited to see her now and give her kisses :).

Meema and Jude from Britney Stevens on Vimeo.

Tears, people. Tears. 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

These days..

These days, you'll find me either sitting on my butt at home, or sitting on my butt near a body of water, sucking down disgusting amounts of water, gushing over as much fruit as possible, and dreaming about donuts. 
I'm seriously the sexiest thing ever right now. 
My baby-daddy can't seem to get enough of this, with my frequent, desperate urges to pee immediately or wet myself, my newly-plump boobs lying in constant exhale on my stretch mark-riddled belly, the new armpit fat that makes wearing men's (husband's) deodorant absolutely necessary, or the fact that I can't see my upper thighs well enough to adequately shave them. 
Yeah, go ahead and ask yourself how I'm not pregnant with another baby on top of this one.
Ask yourself. 
Because it's a d#!n mystery. 
Frequently, I ask myself whether that little boy standing next to me is staring at me because he thinks I either have snacks or because he's never seen a woman with another human inside her before, and for him this is something he's only heard stories about, like, "Mom you said dinosaurs didn't exist anymore" kind of a moment. Whatever, kid. I can be that person for you.  
I also wonder if people stare because they are excited for me or are looking on in horror that I'm creating yet another child as I wrangle up my adorably terrible 3-year-old. 
But currently, positively, until little miss wonderful makes her entrance in our lives, my leggings still have their stretch amidst being squeezed into daily, my sun glasses seem to be making me feel a little cooler, my baby will be here within the next month, and I can eat a whole Shack Burger with fries and feel completely fantastic afterwards. 

It's the last month, people. And I'm pretty sure I'm rocking it. Like Jude is rocking this whole pooping in his pants thing, I'm rocking it. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Babbitts came for a visit!

Summer is officially here and we're stupidly excited about it! 
My sister-in-law Kim and her amazing sisters and mom were planned a girls week in the city this past week all the way from Boise and we thought it was just as good of an excuse as any to take them on a tour of our favorite cheap eats of the city, while also basking in some pretty glorious weather.
Dang it New York, when your weather is this good I can't help but fall in love with you that much more!

This boy takes after his mama with his love for trains, I tell ya. 

It's Kim! After this we stepped in to grab some Big Gay ice cream. That Salty Pimp is always so good to us (gross). 

We got Shake Shack for lunch and took it over to a beautiful spot in Central Park. And Jude thought it was an appropriate time to hide behind a tree and poop. That beautiful. 

We finished off our visit with a stop at Levain Bakery for some of their insane chocolate chip walnut cookies and ate them on a random person's stoop. 

Thanks for letting us tag along, ladies! It was so good to see all of you! 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Big sister's graduation!

Last week my sister, Briana, graduated with her Masters in Applied Behavioral Analysis from Columbia University! 
Honestly, we have all been gushing with pride over this girl. She's worked so hard with so many sleepless, stressful nights that we were sure we'd find her each morning lying under her bed in her underwear eating fried chicken and avoiding all of her overwhelming school responsibilities.
But instead, we'd arise each morning and just like the last she'd be up and long gone to school and work. 
What a girl. WHAT a girl. 
We love that Aunt Briana. 

This past Wednesday was a gorgeous day in NYC and we had such a blast as a family going into the city to support her and her huge accomplishments with the rest of Manhattan and families from all over the world. 

Check out that slice. 

Our new best worst picture ever :).  

We love you, Aunt Nanna! So glad we're roommates. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

75 and Sunny!

Yesterday was by far the most beautiful, summer-like day we've experienced so far this year and it made me so happy! 
Waking up mid-day from working the previous night to 75 degrees, lawnmowers, chirping birds, and squealing children, made me immediately grab Jude and run (complete exaggeration) outside with his scooter in hand. 

Yup, world...
It's going to be a great summer. :) 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The 3rd Birthday

Hey Jude,

Happy 3rd birthday, my sweet, sweet darling boy! 
What a year it's been!
You decided you finally wanted to start talking. And I'm so glad, because you're totally freaking hilarious. 
Some of my favorite things you're saying now are:
"Ma-mom, boops! Boops!" (Mom, boobs!). 
"Hoey crap" (holy crap) "Oh, NO!", "Oh MAN."
"No, no touch." 
"Train! Ready, set, go!" (whenever we see a train stopped at a station) 
"Come 'ere!" (He says as he waves to you violently to come see what he's doing). 

And what you're doing:
Kissing me constantly. 
Pointing and kissing my belly and saying "baby!" And whenever you see an actual baby girl you walk up carefully and stroke her head and kiss her cheeks. 
Pushing dining room chairs around the entire house to reach everything you want. 
Sitting on our stoop perfectly content. 
Waking me up every morning by handing me one of my necklaces. 
Discovering that lying in the bath tub and covering your ears with water is the most magical thing ever. 
Asking daddy to "wing" (swing) you at every possible moment. 
Yelling "Ma-mom!" and running to me even when it's only been 5 minutes since we last saw each other. 
Always being willing to give me an extra-big bite of whatever you're eating. 

You're the light of my life, buddy. And I know you and little sister are going to be the absolute best of friends. 

So today:
Mommy and daddy got you a scooter. We thought hiding it in daddy's office would make it safe enough, but this morning you woke up before us and found it. By the time we rolled out of bed you were already scooting towards us with it. 

Just look at that happy, blurry kid! 

Then we had oatmeal with strawberries for breakfast. And of course all you ate were the strawberries, and then we got ready for your two friends to come and celebrate with pizza and cupcakes!

Just look at those darling girls and their gorgeous
mama! (thanks so much for coming to play, Melissa!)


When our friends left we scooted around some more. 

And continued eating non-stop.
No like literally, he ate non-stop
from breakfast on--whatever, it's his birthday.

Saturday we're going to have a family
party for you to celebrate with Papa (Grandpa Burwell)
since your birthdays are only a day apart!
Can't wait to see what this next year brings.

Oh wait, I already know. A baby sister. Can't forget about her. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

That time I wore that dress

I wore a dress to church today that really accentuates any and all belly. And then when I realized it was doing that thing where it pulls the belly taut in the front and then leaves the back with nothing to do but perfectly and unflatteringly pull up on your butt cheeks it all became very clear:
There's a baby in my belly again.


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