Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Those last days of summer

Since arriving home from Portland, we made the goal to enjoy the last few days of summer, even if it meant melting in this insufferably hot oven. 
So, we went on an early-morning hike. 
Let me just tell you something: 
As long as it's August and as long as you're in Texas, it's hot. Always. 
Jude was the first of us to drop. Because I mean, wide, open away from back.....fall over, give up and make mom carry you the whole way while you guzzle the Camelback.  
All within 5 minutes of getting out of the car. 

But these two, they had at the best time ever. 
Of course they did. They're the most chronically-happy people ever. 

Nothing is more fun than body parts and silly face stickers. Nothing.

Nothing except little sister rolling around in them and getting eyes stuck on the back of her head. Some women are born with them there. She is one of them. 
Like I said, our summers are really hot. And reading takes away the sting of boredom since our pool has been tepid since June.  

Jude was drawing the sunset. Jude loves watching the sun go down and waits for the moon to appear every night. He calls us all outside the moment it all starts happening. I love how my kids remind me to enjoy the simple beauties of life. 

These two, on the eve of the first day of school. 

And he's home from his first day! Exhausted, quiet, but solemnly bigger and more determined to learn more tomorrow. 
That's my guy. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

A first birthday for Scout!

Our baby girl is one!
So many emotions yesterday with this happy, bubbly, brave, smiley, affectionate, lovely little girl going from infanthood to toddlerhood. She has been the perfect addition to our little family. She brings added joy and love and warmth and fun into all of our lives--including and especially Jude's. When she woke up that morning her big brother wished her a "happy birthday" and she immediately put her arms around his neck and they hugged for a long time. Where were we without you, Miss Scout?!

Yesterday we filled the day with things we thought she would enjoy. We started with riding bikes on the waterfront. The weather was perfect and the sun came out just in time for us to joy-ride, taking in some of our most favorite sites--all the while Scout singing and squealing, and saying, "baaaaby, baaaaby". 

At one point, overwhelmed by the magnitude of the influence of the little miss I had sitting in front of me, and all of the love we have for her and gratitude for this incredibly sweet year, I leaned forward and whispered into her ear, "Happy birthday, baby girl," knowing she'd never remember anything about this day, but hoping she would feel in the moment how intensely she is loved and adored. 

We worked up a good appetite and headed over to Little Big Burger, because let me tell you, this girl loves her fries. Morning, noon and night--just like her mama. 

Once we totally stuffed ourselves we visited our favorite book store, Powell's, to pick out some favorites to take home to Austin. I have to say, one of my favorite things about Jude is his love for books, and Scout is following suit. 

And what would a birthday (or any day) be without a trip to Salt and Straw? Sorry Scout, but you slept through this one. I enjoyed it for the both of us.

Once back at the Stevens' we had a little birthday dinner and celebration!--which big brother slept through. We had salmon, rice pilaf and zucchini and then vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting and sweet gifts from us and her grandparents. 

We love you so much, Scout Imogene! Thank you for such a wonderful year, baby girl!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Scout is 9 months, Mother's Day '15 and Lately

This past month has been a little crazy. 
-I started a new job and new specialty at a great local hospital (working one night a week, holla!), and since it required a pretty time-consuming two weeks of orientation my cousin Kacy and mother-in-law, Lisa, both flew in for each respective week to watch the little ones. 
-Scout turned 9 months! Nine months of Scout has been indescribable. This girl. Anyone who knows Scout knows her as a happy, social, bouncy, just sweet, sweet little (chubby) girl. She brings such joy and warmth into our family. And her and big brother are 100% best friends. It's magnificent. Also, these past 9 months have gone way too fast. When you're running after two kids life seems to go that much faster and these babies are growing up quicker than ever. 
-Shake Shack opened up here in Austin! Them and their burger/fry magic have already made us one very, very happy family. 
-I was completely pampered this Mother's Day (two naps, what??)! Jude made several sweet gifts for me in both school and church, Adam bought me a beautiful new necklace, and also cooked perfect pancakes for breakfast and a delicious Italian pasta for dinner. Am I one lucky baby-maker or what? 

Happy 9 months, baby girl! 

She stole that donut hole so quick I didn't even notice. Girl after my own heart.

Trying to teach Jude to *wink* is seriously the funniest thing ever. 

Jude thought Scout needed a snack, so he dumped his bag of Life cereal on the floor for her to enjoy. And she did. 

Salt Lick with Nana! This place is an Austin-area institution, and we are really learning our way around good BBQ. 

Adam sent me this picture of taking the kids to school via bike-trailer and I could.not.stop.laughing. Look at our little sardines! There's far too much cuteness packed into that little thing. 


Although we have been busy, we are not nearly as busy as we used to be. For the moment, we've found a balance, where there's far more time to make sweet memories and really sit and enjoy those heart-swelling moments. 
Life is so good right now. We love Austin. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Our Easter '15

Yesterday was the first time our little family has celebrated a holiday as just us and we had such a sweet, low-key day together creating our own memories and traditions. It was even more special since our church's general conference was broadcasted all weekend, and we decided to document our day by video. Although I'm nothing short of clueless when it comes to video-journaling, capturing these moments I take for granted every day and watching them played side-by-side made me realize just how incredible and pure my little ones are. 
How did we get so lucky? 

Easter 2015 from Britney Stevens on Vimeo.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter, celebrating and pondering on the sacrifice and life of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I know this week has reminded me how much He loves us and wants to be in our lives, and being a wife and mom has taught me that more than anything. 

Here's to spring and bunnies and beautiful weather before the heat! 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

The past month

Here's just a couple of shots from the past month. We've been enjoying Austin's transition into a make-shift Spring and can't wait to get to know this city a little (a lot) better. 
Scout also turned 6 months at the beginning of this month and she's developed into a totally, irresistible, ravenous (she LOVES baby food), little sweetie. And when she's in distress, she yells "Mom!" Just like everyone else in this house. 

Jude saw a video on YouTube of matchbox cars that change color in water. He then proceeded to flood our bathroom in a fit of confusion as to why his cars don't do the same. (Notice his sweet little confused look. *sigh*)

TJ's and I had some unfinished business to take care of one day :). 

Jude had his first day of preschool on Wednesday! These early mornings are definitely going to take some getting used to, but so-far he's really loving it!

I got my hairs chopped a few weeks ago. It is SO NICE not to have a birds nest probably full of day-old spit-up around my neck anymore. 

Jude got a glow-in-the-dark puzzle for Christmas and when he and Adam put it together he was so proud of himself! And when it started getting sticky (take note: glass table-tops near doors seem to sweat) and I had to put it away, he cried and yelled, "What are you DO-ing??!" Silver lining?--Adam taught him the correct way to say "Uranus." You know, before everyone had a stick up theiranus. 

Oh, my heart. These two. And all three of them--my world. 
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