Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pacific NW Winter Survival

Basically, all day, everyday consists of us trying to beat cabin fever and keeping things interesting while being inside 24/7. I'm under the impression that Mother Nature breakups with either Bradley Cooper or Ryan Reynolds this time every year in the Pacific Northwest, which is made painfully obvious by her wearing of the same ugly, grey sweatshirt every freaking day for months and how she can't keep from either crying or sweating large drops of cold hatred daily. Don't get me wrong: this area is gorgeous. But I mean, I don't mind looking like a vampire--especially if it means I can be a big-boobed, sultry vampire--but as of right now, I'm the vampire who's wearing way too much clothing and unable to get off the couch unless goaded with nachos or a big chocolate chip cookie. Anyway, the little dude had been taking this winter like a champ. So in honor of his unconquerable spirit and being oblivious to the fact that he hasn't been outside in days, here he is.

That last pic is priceless. Don't worry: he wasn't dead, although it was somewhat concerning when he conked out in two seconds flat after getting through six pages of "Of Mice and Men."

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

To be honest..

I ran out of shampoo a week ago. 
One Tree Hill is so painful to watch, but I can't stop. 
When my sister described my completely Jude-massacred stomach as "bread dough," she wasn't wrong. 
I shave my legs on average once every two weeks, and hide them from Adam until then. 
I secretly give Jude more whole milk than he needs so he stays just a little chubby. 
Whenever I go on trips I put all of my energy and planning into what we're going to be eating. 
I avoid scrubbing the shower like the plague.  
I daydream about being a rockstar and wearing black leather pants daily.
I never sit down on public toilets. 
Adam brings me home a diet coke when I'm having a bad day. And then I go crazy. 
I ran up the driveway one day as a little girl crying because I could never be Asian.
I think hot dogs taste like soggy erasers. 
I don't exercise to look good, I exercise to be healthy.

Ok, now be honest with me.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Winter Updated (Part 2)

As its been almost a month since Christmas, I figured this was a good time to post the rest of our pictures from the holidays. Sound logic, right?
Again, it was a wonderful trip, so-much-so that we both left at least 5 lbs. heavier, and Jude went ahead and lost his neck there for a couple of weeks--totally worth it. 
Suffice it to say, I'm a total sucker for people making me food. HOW I didn't end up morbidly obese after growing up under the Burwell household--where is was always a good time to eat pizza and 'twas never acceptable to have leftovers-- is truly a miracle. I suppose running around a grassy field with a cane-shaped stick and small bocce ball had something to do with it.  
Oh and also, you would've thought we were torturing the kid trying to get him to open his presents. Which is why there isn't one picture to document that we actually got Jude something. All he wanted was Mr. Potato Head's tongue and something to hit the dogs with. 
In summary: Jude got lots of cars. Adam got a tweed blazer. And Britney got an elliptical. Which has yet to be purchased. Honestly, I think my present is NOT having that piece of machinery mocking me from the corner while I scarf down a brownie. 

As always, it was a memorable trip to see my family, scarf down slices of pizza that are far too big, eat donuts from the Quakers, watch New Girl in Harlem, have a beautiful, white Christmas, be the only one to assemble and decorate the stupid gingerbread house (every, freaking year), watch everyone eat up Jude, take naps when at all possible, and come home to have a fabulous New Years with the Goodwins--minus Phil and Jessica. Sad. SO sad. 

Hope all of you are still working on your resolutions! I'm killing it with my goal to eat more chocolate. I just keeping getting one more Hershey Kiss closer to reaching my goals..

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy Messes

Sometimes I get mini-anxiety attacks when our house is out of order. You know, those moments when you realize that it's been days since all of the pots and pans were first placed in the kitchen sink, because we would all rather smell rotting scrambled eggs than to just roll up our sleeves and take care of business? And on top of other things, the little one is running around with something sticky on his face, and it isn't until he rubs his face into the couch that you realize it's leftover peanut butter and jelly from lunch. ahhhhhhh...just breathe...

But these kinds of messes? These messes are okay with me. 
They're happy messes. And they're there to show the world that a toddler lives here.
And he's apparently having the time of his life. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Great Grandparents

This Christmas Day was spent at our darling Grandma and Grandpa Handley's house. These are Jude's great-grandparents and I feel so blessed that they are part of his life. They are unsurpassed examples of love, family, sacrifice, and everything I hope to be and for Adam and I to have in our relationship--and Jude just loves them. :)
Also, they have the most epic love story--a story of which we'll save for another time. 
Imagine boy meets girl (while in uniform), boy sails away to war, he comes back and the rest is history. 
These photos just bring tears to my eyes. If you only knew my Grandpa, with his sweet, cheesy humor and unpredictable kisses for Grandma, kisses of which almost always sweep her off her feet--you know, the kind where she's reduced to giggling like a little girl, after which proclaiming, "I thought he wouldn't ever stop!"
And Grandma, oh Grandma. She is the warmest, loveliest, and kindest woman in the world. Whenever I'm in the kitchen I think, "What would Grandma do?", and I'm always successful in making something delicious. 
And they were so sweet while playing with Jude. 
Grandpa made him laugh constantly, and Grandma played Mr. Potato Head and fed him so many snacks and treats that I'm pretty sure Jude ate breakfast, lunch and dinner just in one morning. ;) 

Yup. Tears. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Today at Powell's

Adam and I are trying to be more attentive parents. We're trying to move from, "Hey, there's a child over there. Is he safe? Yup. Okay, let's get back to New Girl," to, "I'm so busy playing with my kid 10/7 that I don't even know how to turn the thing on (he's only awake for a total of 10 hours a day, k?)." 
And since I haven't had a Saturday off from work in awhile, and one of our resolutions for this new year is to take Jude to the library more often, we decided that this morning was as good as any to get started--and what better place to go than Powell's City of Books?
Also, we're just so awesome that we arrived unexpectedly, and just in time for story time :) 
An event of which Jude couldn't have cared less about. 

We also stopped at Little Big Burger on our way out. Because who doesn't need a burger and fries at 11AM? 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Winter Update (Part 1)

Oh. My.
Here's to updating you on our recent happenings (and this is only the half of it): 
-We moved to Hillsboro, Oregon at the end of November when our lease was up because Jude was kind of dying for more space. We miss Lake Oswego TERRIBLY, but being able to chase Jude around this big living room is kind of priceless. 
-Adam and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary in the beginning of December. I just love that man and how hard he works to be a great husband, father and provider. Quite honestly, I feel as though he doesn't even try...he's just so good at it. 
-We decorated our new place for Christmas and Jude just loved throwing and destroying all of the shiny ornaments.
-I graduated with my bachelors of science in nursing in the middle of last month. That picture of me I took to record the craziest and busiest semester I've had in a very long time. So glad that's over. 
-We took photos for our yearly Christmas card--which we never mailed out. We're 4-0 baby. Perfect record ;).
-Jude and I then flew out to PA to visit my family. And he did great, by the way. 
-Big brother graduated from college. And Grandpa Burwell was not going to let Jude have even just a moment with that camera. 
-We ate so much at Grandma's that Jude got stuck in the playhouse in nursery. 
-He and Grandma are BFF's because she has cupcakes. 
-I even got to meet up with some hotties from home :)
-And Aunt Briana and I couldn't help but be those weird sisters who wear matching makeup. 

I realized that we have moved to a new place for the past three winters. Kill me now...it's never happening again. 

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