Sunday, April 29, 2012

Remember that time...

Hey, remember that time that I had a blog that was supposed to be an electronic journal/scrapbook used to document the life of my little family?
Yeah, me too.
One of the gals (gals?) at work got pyelonephritis--could've just said infected kidneys, but I wanted to sound cool--and needed me to fill in for her throughout the week. 
So, when I haven't been trying to convince paranoid elderly folks that I'm not conspiring against them, I've been soaking up some sweet moments with my two boys. 
And let me tell you: they've been pretty sweet.
We also had poker night with some friends.  And I lost terribly. You know you're going to be bad at poker when every time you get a good card you can't possibly hold back a stupid smile. That's me. Oh, and that's Ann Marie down there. She went crazy when she stole all my money. 
So. What's new with Jude?:
He reads books to himself. And laughs at his own jokes. 
Biting mommy's legs is apparently hilarious. 
He loves taking off Adam's glass and putting them on his own face while laughing hysterically.
He loves playing soccer with daddy and pushes the ball back-and-forth. 
When you say, "Arms up!" Jude throws his chunky arms in the air. 
Jude has 3 new teeth! I'm not ready for those chompers to invade my little baby's mouth.  
Jude can walk, but chooses not to. 
I went crazy and bought the little guy lots of cute summer clothes. And I'm going back tomorrow to get more. 
He can now intake the same amount of food as a high school football player. 
He likes to bang his head into things purposely. So if you like your teeth, I'd advise you not to hold my kid.
He understands now what "bye" means and cries whenever Adam leaves for work.
He gives The. Best. Kisses. Ever. and I can't get enough of those sweet little lips. 
Oh man. Oh man. Oh man. Stop growing you darling little squirt. Just stop it. 

Oh, what's this? This is the face of champions who stayed up past 10:00 and could've sworn it was at least 1am. 
And here's to the start of a new week!--I hope you're all going to enjoy as much sunshine as we are this week. Which is zero. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The weekend photo purge

This weekend was full of all kinds of fun--from grocery shopping (filling up the fridge with strawberries is ALWAYS fun), to celebrating cousin Madelyn and Grandpa Stevens' birthdays by swimming and going to the Old Spaghetti Factory, to just enjoying the fantastic 80 degree weather over the past couple of days!               
Hello, summer. Where the eff have you been?

Friday, April 20, 2012

I wonder…

-I wonder if watching a mediocre show to give them one pity rating is making a difference.
-I wonder if Nutella is infused with crack.
-I wonder if the 2 girls on my chest will go back to normal.
-I wonder if spaghetti squash knows it's cousins with regular spaghetti.
-I wonder if giving Jude that one green jelly bean is what turned his poop green.
-I wonder if makeup flies off my face like dust and that's why I look perpetually worse throughout the day.
-I wonder if my grandma kept any of her shoes.
-I wonder if I should keep some of my shoes.
-I wonder if Cookie Crisp cereal is the bread crumbs of cookies.
-I wonder if ants would explode in the microwave.
Just tried it. Didn't work.
-I wonder why birds come back so early after winter when they're just going to get rained on for 2 months.
-I wonder if I should take "can check blood sugar in 5 seconds" off my resume.
-I wonder if Cheez Whiz is just orange butter.
-I wonder if I should write Ellen and tell her that I deserve lots of money because my baby wakes up too early every morning.
-I wonder if Volvo would let me test drive their most expensive car.
-I wonder if high school boys think I'm attractive.
-I wonder how many spiders I've accidentally eaten in my life.
-I wonder if Adam secretly resents that I don't have a bigger booty.

What do you wonder? 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Saturday in the sun

Saturday was a beautiful, warm, sunny day in the NW, so we snatched up one of these rare occasions by taking our little moon pie over to the park :)

It was Jude's first time on the swings and he couldn't have been more of a ham swinging those little porky legs back and forth! Not to mention kicking his little pint-sized soccer ball--he's completely obsessed! 
Afterward, we walked over to the store and bought some seeds to plant herbs on our balcony....annnnnnd I think that's going to be the extent of our garden this year. 
Adam and I ended the day by Grandpa and Nana watching the little guy while he and I went out...on a pretty lame date. 
Sorry, hun. 
But ghetto Chinese buffet and a trip to Goodwill just isn't going to cut it for the next 60 years. 
fondue! fondue! fondue!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bon appétit!

Today is my sweet friend Alysha's birthday and we decided to celebrate by gorging ourselves on pastries at an absolutely exquisite French patisserie down town. 
Oh. My. 
Saint Honore: You had me at "Tarte Pont Neuf Blueberry." 

(Jude loved pushing our friend Liz's little boy around the cafe--he's obsessed with anything on wheels!) 
Happy birthday, Alysha! Thanks for making it delicious for the both of us! 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday!

I worked this beautiful and sunny Easter morning and was unable to attend church services. As the elderly persons of my facility made their ways out and about today, my heart grew heavy as I watched them all in their Sunday best, paying special attention to wearing pastel pinks, purples, and greens. I greatly felt as though I was missing out on a wonderful opportunity for spiritual growth. But as I walked the halls, cleaning wounds, providing pain relief, and talking with those who were unable to spend the day with family, I felt the warm presence of the Holy Spirit bearing witness of the Savior's life of service, and how he provided relief to the sick and afflicted during His life. I knew that at that moment I was doing something that the Savior Himself would be doing if He were here right now. 
I bear witness that He lives, that on the third day after His death He broke the bonds of death and provided a way for us to return and live with our loving, compassionate, and kind Father in Heaven. Because of Him I am so happy, and I can live with my absolutely brilliant little family again :)

After work, we enjoyed a delicious Easter dinner with my sister-in-law and her husband and 3 darling little ones! Jude and Daddy both got new shirts and ties (helloooo baby bow tie!) and mommy put on her first adult pink dress. Not sure how I feel about it quite yet, but I'll get used to it :)
Hope you all had a beautiful Easter!

Friday, April 6, 2012

I Wonder

I wrote this last night, but had issues getting it to publish. Now, you get to enjoy my 12am squirreliness 12 hours later.

I wonder if Janice from "Mean Girls" is in anything else. 
I wonder if Cadbury Creme Eggs are actually made with cream since they're spelled "creme."
I wonder if pomegranate juice actually makes your boobs bigger. 
I wonder if people still shop at Aeropostale. 
I wonder if hip-huggers (aka "lovehandle poppers") will ever come back. 
I wonder if laughing too hard bursts brain cells. 
I wonder if lips develop kissing muscle memory. 
I wonder if Adam really means it when he says "I don't care if your legs are hairy." 
I wonder if McDonalds fries are actually fried potatoes. 
I wonder if feeding Jude cheese 20 times a day is sabotaging his hypothetical diet.
I wonder if I should buy an expensive camera. Who wouldn't want to see my pores up-close in 20 years?
I wonder if diet soda really makes you fat. And diabetic. Fat AND diabetic. 
I wonder if Jude knows what he's sitting in during a bath. 
I wonder if my arteries are clogging. 
I wonder if Adam will go bald. 
I wonder if Adam bald will freak me out. 
I wonder if bacteria speak their own language. 
I wonder if the old man down the way needs an heir to his possible fortune. 
I wonder what I would look like in leather pants.  
I wonder if I cut my hair short if Adam would stop telling people I'm his wife. 
I wonder if I should go to bed.
I'm going to bed.
After Mean Girls.

Boo you whore.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

-The mountain of spinach dip I have sitting in my fridge leftover from a get-together last night. It looks like rabbit puke, but throwing all of this away would be a crime...
-Being in the hospital elevator and having a patient tell me he's single. I'm sorry, but what disease are we currently treating you for again?.. 
-An 11-year-old telling me a very 11-year-old joke, and trying my best to give the biggest I-have-no-idea-what-that-even-means laugh. 
-Somebody using "brouhaha" in a conversation.
-While playing with my phone, Jude accidentally emailed "b 1x 89r" to Geico. They emailed him back saying that they would love to help him out, but that they have no idea what language he's speaking. 
-Accidentally using the term "wham bam" to describe an efficient way to get visiting teaching done. 
-That moment when you realize you just went through an entire bag of microwaved popcorn. 
-Went Jude's one-and-only toy falls on the ground in the grocery store and you don't know if picking it up and pacifying him by handing it back is worth 500 dirty stares. 
-Easter's this Sunday! Can't wait to get the little guy a dashing little bow tie--and maybe even a little white fluffy tail..shhhh
-Jude and I have been able to spend the whole week (and the rest of the week too!) together without mommy going to work or clinicals! 
-I'm halfway through with my BSN program! I graduate a year from now with my bachelors of science in nursing (finallllllyyyy). 
-It's the cutest thing, if you shrug your shoulders and ask Jude where daddy is, he smiles and looks at Adam! 
-Any day now my little boy will stop being a chicken and start walking! The kid has been on his feet cruising since 6 months and is just realizing now that his legs weren't meant for more than just mommy to squeeze ;). 
-Today is also Mommy and Jude day. I've decided to take my little man out on our first official (after an entire Jude-lifetime of unofficial) Mommy-and-Jude date! 

Sending you all warm thoughts as Spring is blossoming all around us :)
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