Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lunch Date With Friends

Haley and Brooks from Life is Sweet came up to Vancouver to visit family and today we (Jude and I) had a fun lunch date with them! Since we have a mutual affinity for sushi, we decided on one of my favorite sushi hot-spots in Vancouver during their happy-hour. Remember happy-hour? Yes, you do. 
Haley looked gorgeous--when does she not?--and her sweet little man couldn't have been more adorable. He and Jude share the same mangey hair tendencies, but they both pull it off very well. Messy hair on little boys is just about the most endearing thing for some reason. 
SO anyway...here's some pics. 
All kudos to Haley for the pics. She's very good at capturing the special moments. 

Haley and Brooks!
Our plates by the end--I'm pretty impressed.

And here's where I gush:
Haley is such a sweet, darling lady and mom. She's one of those people that when talking to you feel like you've known forever--like the neighborhood friend down the street that comes over everyday after dinner to play kickball and eat popsicles. Yes, I just made that up and yes, I just envisioned us doing that. 

The little man was such a trooper too--except when he tried to grab my strawberry milkshake. That's a no-no, chico.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Little 3 Month Old

Here's some silliness in honor of Jude's 3 month birthday yesterday! 
I know..we had a little too much fun with these. And, yes, that is a dirty diaper Adam's smashing in my face. 

Have a great week, everyone!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Awkwards and Awesomes from our trip back east
-Mother nature deciding I needed my monthly gift during my long day traveling to PA--while I of course was wearing white pants. Thank goodness I will never see any of those people again. 
-Seeing an old boyfriend from high school I haven't talked to since high school. Oh...uh...hi! You're still finishing up school? Cool. I'm married with a baby.
-The current residents of Philadelphia. 
-When the waitresses of cocktail hour didn't bring around the same AMAZING hors d'œuvres twice = new Hors d'œuvres circulating every minutes = eating every-single one offered (mind you, there were probably over 20), and actually seeking out those I haven't yet been offered. Fatty. I wasn't alone...
-Husband's and my lack of dance moves at the wedding. It's all good--we shook our uncoordinated tail feathers and you know they liked it. 
-Having the Catholic priest tell me my eyes are pretty during the rehearsal run-through. I don't know why this was so awkward. I guess I was just expecting him to tell me I'm in need of confessional, or something. 
-Ordering a diet coke at the open bar. "Aren't you Mormon?" "Why, yes I am. Thanks for making me feel like a sinner. Jerk."
-Jogging over to the workout stations on the running trail and realizing I'm far too soft to jump, hop, pull-up, or leg-lift just about anything. To all you jogging witnesses: You may have been bystanders, but you weren't innocent bystanders. 
-Buying a dozen ridiculously delicious donuts and almost finishing them off on the car ride home. OK, my brother helped. Kind of. 
-Jude is sleeping all night and then some ALL ALONE in his Pack n' Play! Sweet mother of all
-While holding his hands, Jude can walk across the floor. NO JOKE. 
-The other day I put Jude down for tummy time and no more than a minute later he rolled over on his back. My little chunk can move!
-The plethora of authentic food I ate: Philly cheesesteaks, Quaker donuts, NY pizza, and oh-so-much more. 
-Jude did so awesome on all of our plane rides. 
-During said plane rides, Jude discovered the timeless art of flirting. All the girls that sat next to us were in love with him my the end of the flights. 
-Also, all the amazing people on the flights that were so helpful and considerate, 
-Southwest airlines is having killer deals on flights! SOOO my mom is coming for a visit in September!
-Like I mentioned last post, I got to spend some quality time with my brother, and also got to visit with some friends from back way! --so fun! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday Wishful Thinking

Ahhh Wednesday Wishes. I think it's mentally healthy to wish. Wishing transforms this world into a personally more perfect one, where the wisher can forget about their daily stressors and dream big. I suppose it has the same effect as alcohol--or so I'm told.
#1. I Wanna Be a Billionaire so freaking bad
Multiple times in our marriage I have sat and day-dreamed over this possibility (more like impossibility):
Adam and I have been married. We have school loans, hospital bills and other things to pay for, obviously. Managing money has been stressful and funds have been tight.
Ok, picture this:
Adam comes home. Exhausted, hungry, and with a headache. He sits on the couch.
Me: "Hunny, I have to tell you something."
Adam: "Oh gosh..you're not pregnant again are you?"
Me: "No, it's not that. Hunny, I have something I've been needing to tell you since we've been married, but I needed to make sure you loved me for me first."
Adam's eyes are starring at me intently.
*Deep breath*
Me: "Hunny, I'm a billionaire. I've paid off all our debts, your new Volvo XC90 Crossover is in the driveway, we're going dream house shopping tomorrow, and we're flying our private jet to Italy this weekend."
We proceed to laugh, hug, cry, makeout, etc. etc.

#2. The Chanel Dream Dress
Why Blake Lively got to wear this marvelous piece of work is still a pitiless mystery. I want it. I've been wanting it. And I want it with matching Chanel heals. As you can tell, my favorite designer is Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel. Make a note: I save up and I will wear this dress. I'll probably be 80 yr. old and fat doing it, but I will wear this dress in my lifetime. 
Now read that back to me...

#3. A Purple Living Room
I'm kind of obsessed with purple. When I asked Adam to design my blog page I said "make it purple." It is purple? Obviously not. It's cool tho--lover boy did good anyway. 
Although this living room probably wreaks of single, working woman with a wonder-woman job, I like it. Adam assigned me as the house wife right? That means the house is mine. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We're Back!

Well, we're alive!--and back from Pennsylvania. I had a seriously great time. My brother surprised me in the baggage claim when I flew into Philly--see big bro's in the Marines and was supposed to be gone at military engineer camp for the summer by the time I arrived. I was so sad because he was then going to start college again in the fall and hadn't seen Jude yet. BUT NO. The government screwed up his orders and big brother showed up. Of course I started crying. He met grumpy Mr. Jude and our wonderful family 2-week visit began.
Bryon took us around the parts of PA that I really didn't pay much attention to: Amish country and Quakertown.
These people know what they're doing when it comes to food.
And I love food.
We got d-lish-us donuts.
I will post about these later.
Anyway, I had a great time with my brother. When Adam left last Wednesday to get back to work, Bryon started my post-pregnancy training.
He whooped my butt, but I feel so much stronger now.
Who knew that after I pushed out the babe that I wouldn't be able to jump over things with both feet together?
Anyway, we've been running. I LOVE running and can't wait to work up to 5 miles-a-day again.
Considering the camera issues we're having, I'll share with you one of the multiple food exercions Adam and I went on while in PA.
It's called Rita's Italian Ice--and you've never had anything like it. It's like gelato, but not. I'm eating chocolate peanut butter (I know what you're thinking, and no it's actually quite amazing) and Adam's is a mix of lemon and cranberry.

The world does need more Rita's. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Well, Jude and I and Adam arrived in PA just fine. Thanks for asking. Sadly, our camera's battery charger bit the dust so while I use my mom's Kodak point-and-shoot, I'm unable to upload pictures from the first happenings of our trip. 
I know. It's a huge inconvenience. 
Here's pics from our Philadelphia trip! We didn't bring the monster man, simply because things would have taken a lot longer with him and we didn't have much time to spend in the city. 
On our way down, Bryon (my brother), Adam and I stopped at a Mennonite restaurant called The Shady Maple. 
You can't say you're from Pennsylvania if you haven't been to the Shady Maple.
Basically, the low-down is that it's a ridiculously massive breakfast buffet. The kind where people push and shove for things like baked french toast, massive sausages, and eggs benedict. 
It was cheap, heavenly, and in a very stereotypical part of PA. 
Exhibit A:
We all had our game faces on for
Exhibit B:
-Veggie omelet, whoopie pie, coconut-bavarian cream donut, strawberries and pineapple, sausage patty, veggie and cheese egg scramble, baked french toast, eggs benedict, hash browns and gravy, bacon, hash brown patty, sausage link, grapefruit, and french toast. 
Not photoed, but definitely enjoyed: Chocolate and peanut butter rice krispie treats, chocolate milk, and cinnamon rolls.
Breakfast is definitely the best meal of the day. 
Exhibit C: Our insides exploding.

Then we walked around Philadelphia. I love the old, colonial apartments
Liberty Bell
City Hall

First hospital in the US
Fun, fun trip to Philly. Adam leaves tomorrow and then it's just me, Jude, Grandma, and lots of pizza. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ball Boy

Over the glorious, gorgeous weekend, Adam, Jude and I went for a little stroll around the park and ended up sitting down to watch a community baseball game. 

Watching softball and baseball games is one of my favorite past-times, and it was fun to sit with Jude and watch the game I grew up watching and playing. 

Jude LOVES being outside, but we realized that he hadn't felt grass yet. Adam sat him down and taught him what it was. 

Jude's new talent is blowing bubbles. I think it's pretty impressive.
Guess what???
Jude and I leave tomorrow morning for Philadelphia!
I'm not gunna lie: I'm pretty nervous to fly alone with Jude. What if I don't have enough food for him? What if he cries the whole time? I can just imagine the entire time juggling 20 things at once trying to take care of him in the middle of the airport. It'll be fine. 

p.s. thought I'd mention that while writing this, Jude's sleeping on my lap with his hand on the keyboard. I've had to backspace a million times. Especially when he grabbed hold of my pinky. 
p.s.s. Sorry this is kind of a dry post. I'm kind of in a dry mood. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

A Little Risky Business

Shopping in Portland. NBD. 
Don't worry, Dad. I'll look cool for the both of us. 
To the innocent passerby I look cool and attentive. 
Jokes on you, buddy, cuz I'm totally asleep under these babies.

Shades: c/o Nana
Ride: Dad.
Reassurance of how cool I am: No need.
This kid better make me some money someday.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursdays Are Awkward..and Awesome

Before writing this, I realized that Thursdays really are the awkward turtle of the week. I mean, what an uneventful day of the week, right? It's like when Adam comes home on a Thursday I just think, "well, it's Thursday. Guess we're just gunna ride this one out and wait till the weekend."
Moving forward...
-Being the lady in Goodwill with a screaming child. 
-Feeding said child in the passenger seat of my car (with a bottle, mind you) and watching people walk by curiously wondering if they can sneak a peak. 
-Changing a killer diaper at someone else's house and helplessly wondering where to put it until I eventually position it carefully in my diaper bag. Hopefully no one will think the trailing scent behind me as I carry this bag around is me. 
-The mutual look of "I'm kind of unsure about this" Adam and I exchanged after biting into "no sugar-added" ice cream sandwiches. 
-Having a McDonald's employee poke their head outside the drive thru window because I'm taking too long to pull forward. Hey, my wallet is in the diaper bag in the back seat, k?
-People talking too loud in public. No one really needed to know your boyfriend's shorts are too short. 
-Being hungry + shaky and, therefore, unable to critically think. Period. 8+6=....uhh...
-We just got the second part of our tax return in the mail!
-It's supposed to be in the 80s this weekend! FINALLY!
-After all the crappy eating I did over last weekend I haven't gained a pound. You know what that means? ..uhh YEAH: eating like crap again this weekend. 
-Adam and I just started watching Traffic Light. It's HILARIOUS. Yay new show!
-Jude's eyelashes went from blonde to dark brown. Now his eyes are freaking gorgeous. Back off, ladies. 
-Adam and I are finally going to Carlo's Bakery next week! Aside from diners and family, I find no other reason to go to Jersey. 
-Someone compared me to Zoe Deschanel. Why, thank you! 
-Jude finds me absolutely hysterical. 
-I'm a college graduate, wife, and mother at the tender age of 22. I feel very accomplished.

I know it's super-duper late, but what's been awkward and/or awesome for you lately? 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday Wishes

This week, I'm only wishing for one thing:
1. A Bed and Breakfast With My Husband
Quite honestly, the main reason I want this is so Adam and I can get a full, uninterrupted night's sleep. Also, waffles in the morning sounds like heaven. But more importantly, Adam and I need some alone time, just us. There's a reason why couples are supposed to go out on dates regularly. And although we love our little boy to pieces, this mommy and daddy could use some quality snuggling, laughing, and making out. 
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