Sunday, May 7, 2017

Remember When

The sun is finally poking through out here in Seattle and the kids and I feel reborn. 
Seriously, letting the kids loose at the park mirrored some sort of jail break or the hysteria at Walmart on Black Friday. Scout couldn't stop screaming, "Hi!" at everyone she passed or maniacally laughing throughout the playscape, while Jude ran his skinny little legs ragged and came home each day with a pound of sand in each shoe. 
So I'm proud to say that we took full advantage of each sunny day and it was an exciting preview for this upcoming summer.

Seattle: The winter was brutal. Please make sure the summer epic. 

To recap this encouraging week, I'm remembering when... hour before bedtime, Scout demonstrated expert problem-solving skills when she was exhausted, not ready to go inside, and quietly grabbed a blanket and fell asleep outside...

...the kids spent half the day as little spider monkeys under the most beautiful flower bush in the world that we're lucky enough to have in our front yard...

...a friend in our ward helped Adam get his motorcycle running after not being used all winter and Jude was brave enough to go for his first ride--and Scout decided she was brave enough to just wear the helmet. "It's too loud, daddy"...

.....Jude and Scout engaged in yet another 20-minute cuddle sesh... tonight, Scout was too tired to make it to her bed and landed on my lap instead...

...and then in how just a few short hours my sweet Piper will be eight months old and how both completely impossible and never more believable that seems. She is a beautiful force in our home and I daresay she will be so for the world. I love her--and all of them--with my whole heart.

Here's to hoping this week is as killer as this last! 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Jude's 6th Birthday!

My sweet boy is six!
Honestly, after the kids turn one, subsequent birthdays don't usually phase me. But something about this one--with Jude losing his first tooth only a few weeks prior and the resulting ever-so-slight lisp, the current way his hair is sitting, his voice that I swear has deepened a few notches within the last month, all making him seem like this majorly big kid now--has me teary-eyed. 

You have always been unanimously described by people who know you best as a sweetheart. You are good and kind and funny and endlessly curious. You are the absolute best big brother and I love, admire and adore you so very much.

Happy birthday, sweet, sweet boy! 

On Saturday afternoon we had just a few little buddies over for a Lego party! The boys made their own Lego cars to race down a ramp Mr. Adam Mark Stevens is very proud to have made with his very own, very manly hands, had pizza for lunch, shot Nerf guns at some really fancy plastic cups, and finished with cake and presents! In between, the boys dug in the dirt, hit trees with random objects, shot Nerf pellets at each other--it was like herding the most well-trained group of cats and I love them all so much. 
They and their enthusiasm stole my heart (every last one of them wore their Lego crowns with PRIDE) and if my pizza bill wouldn't quadruple in the process I'd honestly have them over every day. 
Here are a bunch of photos from the party! Thanks to all who came and for all of your awesome gifts! (You all seriously have the coolest kids!)

Getting caught snacking before the guests arrive. She's not as startled as she looks. She really has no shame in being sneaky. #idowhatiwant

Game faces ON.

"Don't mind me, I've just got my own cars to race." Scout had no intentions of being left out at any time. 

Also, her overalls are so gloriously stretchy and I want a pair for myself sooooo badly. 

Just look at this handsome crew! 

Yes, Scout, I see you over there too. "CHEEEEEESE!!!!!"

And only one minor injury = success! 

Taking a break to play in the dirt. 

The only thing going through my mind was all the episodes of AFV we've watched with people walking with their lit cakes and falling on their faces. *please don't eat it please don't eat it*

YAY! Happy birthday, Jude Dude! We love you so very much! 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Christmas 2016!

This year was our first Christmas at home together with just our little family of FIVE!
Adam and I agreed that it was so nice to be able to start some traditions of our own and to enjoy the holiday at our own pace without having to travel. 
Christmas Eve we went out for an early breakfast and then saw half of Moana (once the 10AM popcorn was devoured they had no interest in staying any longer), stopped by a nearby Christmas Village to see Santa's reindeer before their long flight, and started our first original tradition of killer grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. 


Then all that was left was for Jude to write a note to Santa reminding him to leave a Lego City cargo train, place it next to some freshly baked cookies, throw on our Christmas jammies that Santa's reindeer had left on the doorstep, and go to bed--so us parents could stay up until 2am watching Christmas Vacation, It's a Wonderful Life, and assembling Scout's new play kitchen. 

That all being said, we still definitely missed sharing the day with our families--especially when we were the only two people available to absorb the insane level of Christmas energy. Holy cow: THE ENERGY. By lunchtime Adam and I were exhausted and ready for the kids to go to bed. 
But with Christmas being on a Sunday, although we had to practically tear Jude away from his new train kicking and screaming, we really appreciated having Christmas on a Sunday and changing out of our jammies into our Christmas Sunday best to sing hymns and really enjoy the sweet reverence of the season. And Piper even got to wear the same dress Scout and I wore for our first Christmases! She was pretty happy about it :). 

We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and wish you a wonderful and blessed New Year!
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