Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Day Out with Thomas!

Once a year for just one weekend a small town up north puts on a Day Out out with Thomas! They have their own Thomas the Train that even moves his mouth and eyes as he talks and takes kids and families on rides through the country. 
This was Jude's Disneyland.
Seriously. Anything Jude likes to do or eat was there.
Train tables with all the electronic trains he could want. 
Bubbles. Everywhere.
Riding Thomas.
A store selling Thomas merchandise. 
Purple snow cones. 
Temporary tattoos. 
Balloon animals.
I mean, seriously.
We had such a great time and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. 

The worst time Jude had was waiting for his turn to get on the train. Zero tolerance for waiting yesterday. Zero. 

Scout made friends. Also, she's walking!! She started a week or so ago and her ratio of walking to crawling is starting to turn into mostly all walking!

He was all kinds of excited. 

It's moments like these that make me wish so badly I could know what's going on in his little mind. So much imagination in this kid. 

Purple snow cone, am I right?

And once we purchased a Duplos Toby he was ready to go.

Till next year, Thomas!

Dressed up without kids

This Friday night we were invited to celebrate Adam's boss's birthday at his awesome place down town. I have to say: we'd been looking forward to this for weeks. 
When your Friday night dates habitually entail Netflix, copious amounts of ice cream, and trying to get through the West Wing like it's some sort of competition, you forget what strapping on a pair of heels, putting on an extra coat of mascara, and slapping your husband's butt in public can feel like. 
So we dressed up. AND paid a sitter (who the heck are we?). 
And although we were the only couple with kids and without some sort of hard liquor in-hand amongst a bunch of hot, single, 20-somethings, I have to say we enjoyed great conversation and company, and ate our weight in whatever those fancy hors devours were. 

Small piece of advice: Prior to going to going to fancy, rich-people parties, it's crucial to pre-game. You wouldn't want to sit at the food table the entire time like an idiot because you were naive enough not to fill up beforehand. (Still totally sat at the food table the whole time). 
We recommend sharing a couple of things at a food truck. 

The Picnic never, ever lets us down.

Had to get a dramatic photo beneath that deer head. HAD to. 

Thanks for being extra-sexy, Adam. 
Until next time, I'll meet you in your penguin pajamas and monkey mug full of Oreo Breyers on the couch every Friday at 8pm sharp. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Portland '15

Just getting around to looking through some of our favorite moments from our trip to Portland. We were lucky enough to have dovetailed part of our trip with that of some good friends who had the brilliant idea of dancing a night away on a cruise ship blasting 80's music. Seriously, a night to remember and NEVER to be forgotten. These are the pictures our kids will look at and realize their parents and their parent's friends were total nerds. 
Otherwise, here are just some little moments that made our trip sweet. 

Oh, Papa Haydn, how we adore you. 

Back in the city where we have so many incredible memories with these two. 

My little handsome man is getting so big! He is every bit the sweet boy I've always dreamed of having. 

We even took a trip up to Seattle to see Adam's Grandma and Jim! Scout and that magnifying glass cracked me up--every time I'd try and take a photo she'd stick it over her face and ruin it. Classic. 

The PNW was so beautiful and green--not-to-mention not 100 degrees. The weather was perfect all week. 

This is my favorite picture though!
Scout completely unable to stand still for 5 seconds and Jude blowing spit bubbles. Perfectly sums up the stages they're both in right now. 
We hope to take many more family vacations together!

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