Sunday, August 6, 2017

A 3rd Birthday with Cousins!

This entire past week my kids have been in absolute HEAVEN having their cousins in town! My sweet sister-in-law Mindie drove up from Utah with her four incredible boys and we've been having just the best time. The kids have all played so effortlessly together, and although I swore they would all crash mid-afternoon from the heat, their love for each other kept them here until well after the sun had gone day each day. Saying goodbye each night has been so hard for my kids, and especially Jude. These boys are the brothers he's always wanted and we wish so much that we lived closer.
Thanks for coming, Min! 

We were thrilled they would be here to celebrate Scout's birthday and so we celebrated with an impromptu cousin party! The love this girl must have felt that day from all of your family was surely unreal. You really have the best kids, Mindie! 

She has so much love exploding from her little body that at times I have to tell her, "Easy, Lenny," when she makes this face. 

Nana made us all buttermilk fried chicken, homemade mac and cheese (Scout's favorite), and biscuits! 
Even though it was hot and those piggies started to melt, Nana's "Pigs in a Mud Bath" cake was a huge success!   

These boys are just the sweetest older cousins. They each were so kind and gentle to the little ones.  

Her reaction to that Peppa Pig camper! 
Also, that pooping kitty is ALLLL the rage right now. 

And then, I mean, who wouldn't want to give six children 500 water balloons to throw at each other?? 

We just love all of these guys! Thanks for coming and playing and making this week just the best time ever!
And to my sweet Scout Imogene: You are my wild and crazy daughter. You are fearless in your love for life and others. You say "hi" to everyone you see, are quick to hug random strangers and kiss your family members. You are my little singing song bird. You love to put on lipstick and nail polish because "it makes me so pretty", but I think you are so beautiful as just you are. You are my mini-me, you are our joy, and we love you with our whole hearts. I can't wait to spend another year with you. I love you, Scouty!

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