Tuesday, August 28, 2012

This is a big deal: "Instagram In Love"

I am beyond excited to finally share with you all a project that we've been working on!
Right before we left for vacation, one of our best friends Phillip Goodwin shot a video of our little family enjoying all the things we love about our home in Portland. 
We have been so blessed and grateful to have such a talented friend in our life. 
We shot the whole video over the course of about three days and although exhausting, it was a total blast. Phil made the whole experience one that we will look back on with great fondness. We honestly felt as though we were just a bunch of neighborhood kids--like the ones from Super Eight--filming each other and our story. 

Thanks so much, Phil! Cheers to you and all of your awesomeness!! 
Here's a link to Phillip Goodwin's website to check out some of his other videos: pgoodwin.com

Instagram In Love from Phillip Goodwin on Vimeo.


  1. I love that you posted this! This is awesome:) You are both natural actors and hotties of course which =CUTE KIDDO

  2. oh my freaking gosh that was beautiful. yeah you guys are lucky to have such a talented friend! and he's lucky to have such a sweet and amazing family to record. love you guys!

  3. Oh my gosh, I LOVED it! It was so beautiful! You are so beautiful. What a sweet video and such a cute family!

  4. I'll raise my glass to Phil! :) Cheers to his skills and cheers to your beautiful family! I'm pretty sure that Of Monsters and Men NEED to see this...and use it as the official "Lakehouse" music video :)


    PS - watching it again (for the millionth time) I noticed Adam and Jude have matching Adidas at the park...I just melted. :)

  5. Okay, so I watched this as I was so exhausted, soaked in spitup, makeup-less, un-showered, squeezed into my jeans with a postpartum muffintop, and uncomfortably noticing the food stuck to the bottom of my feet after a toddler-feeding frenzy. As the video wrapped up, I compared my current state to what I just saw and seriously thought, "Wow, my life sucks."

    But then I found myself looking at my own Instagram feed of beautiful moments: priceless photos of my husband and children and our adventures together. I saw so many similar scenes to what was in the video: L riding on Sam's back at the farmer's Market, playing in a fountain, meeting Mickey mouse at Disneyland, laughing his way down a slide at the park. I saw Sam and I at a restaurant, little Figgles sleeping in my arms, and our kids cuddling with their grandparents.

    Now I see why it's called "Instagram in Love." These are the moments we want to capture, the one's we remember and treasure the most. Every moment of our lives isn't like this. There are messes and tears and screaming children and diaper blowouts. But that isn't what's at the heart of it. What's at the heart of it is love. "Instagram in Love"--what an appropriate title and a beautiful video to illustrate it.

    But seriously, if you guys do glamorous activities like that every day, I want in.

  6. I can't say anything that everyone who commented before me hasn't already said, but I want to add my two bits. I love this! It is so sweet and natural! And the best part is I actually know the leading characters! :)

    Not going to lie, I miss the friendships made during nursing school. Hope hoopoe you don't mind me continuing to blog stalk!


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