Friday, August 31, 2012

Pennsylvania in August

We just got back from Pennsylvania on Monday night. Aside from how horrible Jude is now at airplane rides and being one sick little dude soon upon arrival, it was a wonderful trip. My parents live on 36-acres of beautiful PA fields and forest and Jude couldn't have been more in love with it. For Jude, I think it was a magical place where dirt, rocks, and ducks abound, where there's endless room to run away from mommy after sneaking out the front door--not to mention the fact that they have three dogs and a large pond, of which he would run and yell "doh!" and splash his hands in the water whenever he could get a chance--and the grass grows tall enough to tickle his chubby ankles. He especially made friends with Uncle Bryon and his sweet shoulder rides and cuddling before bed while watching Elmo, as well as Grandpa Burwell who couldn't get enough of taking Jude out on the canoe or help but steal him away from dinner to play in the warm summer rain. 
And then there was Grandma. Grandma had endless treats, stories, baths, and kisses up her sleeves--and she had Jude at treats. 

So, that first week we hung out, went to the Crayola Factory, visited with family members and ate enough pizza to beg the question if all the carbs in the world were lonely and needed a good home. 
And I left no slice behind. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

This is a big deal: "Instagram In Love"

I am beyond excited to finally share with you all a project that we've been working on!
Right before we left for vacation, one of our best friends Phillip Goodwin shot a video of our little family enjoying all the things we love about our home in Portland. 
We have been so blessed and grateful to have such a talented friend in our life. 
We shot the whole video over the course of about three days and although exhausting, it was a total blast. Phil made the whole experience one that we will look back on with great fondness. We honestly felt as though we were just a bunch of neighborhood kids--like the ones from Super Eight--filming each other and our story. 

Thanks so much, Phil! Cheers to you and all of your awesomeness!! 
Here's a link to Phillip Goodwin's website to check out some of his other videos:

Instagram In Love from Phillip Goodwin on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Coming Home

So, I've taken an unexpected blogging hiatus, but I'm back.
I'm in Pennsylvania visiting my family and I swear that whenever I come home again I revert back to the same laziness, binge eating, and mom-reliant bad habits which probably make me that daughter that everyone's happy to see and happy to see go.
Probably not. 
But it's been a glorious and satisfying trip to the east coast. We hit all of our favorite spots and I always end up leaving with an Empire State of mind. 
We fly back tomorrow morning and arrive in Portland later that evening, upon which I will assault you with a ridiculous amount of Instagram shots.
Get excited.
Lots of chunky legs in swim suits (not including my own), big smiles, lush greenery, and the like. I can't even tell you how much fun I've had--I guess I can only say: There's no place like home.
Especially my home. Because it's better than all ya all's.

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