Saturday, January 25, 2014

Just a little update

Just prior to moving to New Jersey, Jude decided while sipping ice water it might be an interesting experiment to see what would happen if he spat said water all over mommy's keyboard.
Results: mommy's computer has been in the shop. 
And since Adam is a self-employed man, he's basically glued to his iMac, which renders me computerless and, therefore, blog post-less. 
Honestly,  friends and family keep asking us "what's new??" and "any recent adventures?"
Adventures? If you don't mean walking from the bathroom and back, then no.
We're so painfully boring.
Although my 3 night-shifts a week seems pretty harmless, I am basically either pinned to the couch dozing off or sitting up until 4 in the morning watching "You've Got Mail" to battle the insomnia the other 4 days. 
Also, it has been frigidly cold and snowy lately, so aside from the occasional YMCA visit, we stay indoors. 
Oh wow, I just painted a pretty bleak picture.
It's not bleak, I'm sorry, it's just shockingly mediocre. 

Needless to say, I'm PINING for summer. Like, PINING.
All humidity and constant sweating aside, we live so close to so much and I honestly think it's torture that we have to wait until May to enjoy it all.
I can make it till May, I can make it till May...
To curb the sting of this bitter cold, we eat lots of pizza (Jude calls it "peetz!"), Oreos, bagels, and just discovered a pretty killer donut place literally around the corner. 
There's something about sleep deprivation that makes real food sound just repulsive and anything over-salted and fried seem like manna from heaven. 

Also, in a fit of desperate curiosity, the other day I looked up flights and park tickets for Disney World and realized it'd probably be cheaper just to go to Mexico for a month or buy a life-time tanning membership.
How the heck do you parents take your kids to Disney World so often?! Do you use your kids' college money and just not tell them? Or sell puppies to Cruella Deville?

So in between working, insomnia, overeating, and attempting potty-training one painful minute at a time, we're just overly busy and grateful.
Of course, we're grateful.
For goodness sakes, we are a very blessed family and have met wonderful friends and made unforgettable memories with our family members nearby. All-the-while Adam is taking on fantastic and exciting projects and I am progressing so quickly in my education and experience. Jude is finally taking off with his speech and we die everytime he says, "Oh, no! Tess, you okay?" to his melted Thomas the Train, or, "Wait!!!! Where are you going?" when we leave the room. Each new day is a new adventure and I am humbled by how much we have learned since moving here. 

No but seriously summer, hurry up. Chop chop. I've got some chubby toddler legs to squeeze into striped Speedos. 

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