Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Big sister's graduation!

Last week my sister, Briana, graduated with her Masters in Applied Behavioral Analysis from Columbia University! 
Honestly, we have all been gushing with pride over this girl. She's worked so hard with so many sleepless, stressful nights that we were sure we'd find her each morning lying under her bed in her underwear eating fried chicken and avoiding all of her overwhelming school responsibilities.
But instead, we'd arise each morning and just like the last she'd be up and long gone to school and work. 
What a girl. WHAT a girl. 
We love that Aunt Briana. 

This past Wednesday was a gorgeous day in NYC and we had such a blast as a family going into the city to support her and her huge accomplishments with the rest of Manhattan and families from all over the world. 

Check out that slice. 

Our new best worst picture ever :).  

We love you, Aunt Nanna! So glad we're roommates. 

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