Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Newcomers

Well, we're here in Austin!
My mom drove down with me and the kids at the end of September, and we had such a great time. My mom is the kind of lady that will 100% judge me for ordering a large diet coke, but will totally support me for letting my son create a flowing river of pee on the pavement of a deli parking lot. We get along just fine. 
It took us 4 full days of driving and a nice, sweet visit with our dear family in Missouri, and the kids were total champs. And let me just say, having driven from one coast to the next and also from north to south, this country is pretty freakin' spectacular. 

Adam and I have certainly been adjusting to our roles completely reversing once again, with him now working out of the home exclusively and me being home all day, every day, but I must admit--it's pretty fantastic. I've never been very enthusiastic about the whole career-mom thing because, personally, I'm just not that energetic. Or organized. Or optimistic. 
Hats off to all you full-time moms with full-time careers that are pulling it off because you are magical, mystical, majestic creatures that deserve an award. Or a metal. Or at least a cuddle from someone. I volunteer my services. 
So, aside from this weekend, every weekend since moving in has been busy with either having family in town or us being out of town, and we decided to take advantage and explore downtown Austin Friday night as an adorably clueless family of four. What we discovered is Austin is a rockin' town. I mean, we ate at a bar last night and the food was fantastic and there were also other families there with young children. Everyone was well-behaved, restaurants played live music, and the streets were dazzling with hanging string lights. 

This week we also took a trip to the Thinkery childrens museum and have otherwise been hanging out at home and enjoying the cooler weather.
Fall really is the best. 

And having daddy outside of the home makes for some pretty sweet and enthusiastic nightly reunions. "DA-DA!!!!!!"

Thanks for the warm welcome, Austin. I think we're going to be really great friends. 

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