Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014!

This Thanksgiving we drove up to Kirksville, Missouri to spend the holiday (and a whole week too!) with my aunt and her family, my beautiful Grandma Imogene and my sister Briana and her fiance, Nick. My aunt and uncle were so sweet to have us and were the perfect hosts. Just to paint a picture: they have a chips and cookies closet, a cereal cupboard, a candy closet (not to mention Grandma's stash), two freezers full of ice cream, a drawer packed full of fruit snacks, and who knows what else. (There's probably Coke cans swimming in the back of the toilet.) 
I gained 5 lbs. Five glorious pounds. 
And aside from the totally acceptable binge eating + Thanksiving, we watched movies, ran an obstacle course in their basement, died laughing playing games late at night, and cried tears of sadness and joy sharing our fondest memories of our Grandpa Handley that had passed exactly a year ago, while eating his favorite ice cream and watching he and grandma's 50th wedding anniversary video. 
I have a great family and a week's worth of sucking in their awesomeness was just what this girl needed. 
They live right in the middle of my parents and siblings so we're all meeting up there for Christmas too! 

Couldn't keep these two apart if I wanted to :). 

Scout's first time meeting her Aunt Briana! 

Grandma Burwell's insanely good berry pie. 

Adam is meticulous about his bird every year. And I have to say, this year was probably the best one yet. I mean, he shoved an onion up a dead turkey's bum. That's dedication. 

Reliving my childhood over and over again with these two :).  

My cousin Kacy, Grandma Handley and Aunt Darlene. Seriously, you won't meet more loving or kind women. 

About half-way through dinner, Jude slid down his chair like so, looked up at me and said, "Mommy, baby sister beh-wee?" Sure thing, buddy. :) 

My cousin Matt doesn't like turkey, but when I passed the plate of that juicy dark meat he grabbed a leg and went. to. town. Adam considered it a major complement. 

I wish I could capture just how special their relationship is. Grandma is so in-tune with Scout and her needs. Whenever she smiles, laughs, or cries, that Grandma of mine seems to always know exactly why and helps her with whatever she needs. She is a mother to us all. 

See you all real soon! Stock up on the snacks! Just kidding. No I'm not. 


  1. Thank you for Sharing this with all of us. Love Aunt Emo and the rest of the Family. Miss Uncle Warren. They are the best,

  2. Now I'm craving Thanksgiving Dinner again!! Such great pictures :)


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