Saturday, November 26, 2016

Paw Patrol!

This past week we enjoyed the company of my sister Briana and brother-in-law Nick who flew in last minute to spend Thanksgiving with us! Gosh, those two are just the best. It isn't until one of my sisters comes into town that I remember how much I love my family and late night burger runs and pie and working out to AC/DC and not shaving my legs or bothering with makeup and constantly talking in terrible accents and pretending as if no time has passed at all while planning the layout of our shared home in the middle of nowhere. 

They left yesterday and as balm to the wound they've left on my heart since their departure, this video of Scout's reaction to the Paw Patrol dvd Adam purchased for the kids while Black Friday shopping has been on repeat. Catching this moment has been my greatest achievement this month. Besides still being able to nurse Piper. The fact that "the girls" still know what to do this late in the game is just so freaking awesome. 
Good job, ladies. 

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