Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Over the past week

Honestly, it's been a pretty uneventful week. 
Work. Come home. Play. Eat dinner. Go to bed.
--and on days I'm not working--
Wake up. Stay in PJ's all day. Coax Jude into helping me do laundry. Find reasons to eat Nutella. Throw things off the balcony. Watch funny Youtube videos while Jude naps. Make dinner. Eat dinner. Give Jude a bubble bath. Watch Rachel Zoe and then go to bed. 
Yesterday, Jude was getting really antsy to go outside, so when I discovered it was raining again this morning, I threw Jude in Converses and a flannel shirt and we went to some local toy stores.
Can I just tell you: I felt like the smartest, most conniving, most genius parent there ever was by taking my near two-year-old who is, sadly, getting bored with his own toys to a place full of new and exciting toys galore without needing to purchase a darn thing. 
He played. And played. And played.
And then I realized that my plan was flawed when I would get bored and say, "Come on, buddy. It's time to go to the next store," after-which my son transformed from a sweet little  cream puff playing with a new train to an angry bobcat in labor. 
So, I bought myself a beyond amazing salad from Trader Joe's and told myself I wasn't a complete failure. Then topped off my pity-party with donut holes and a nap.  

But aside from, apparently, ruining his life more than once today, we realized that Jude is ready for some big boy toys for his birthday. So excited. :) 
And coincidentally, when daddy got home the sun came out and we took a stroll outside and ran into the sunset with our tongues hanging out. 
And then we made a loin cloth out of bubbles.

He was pretty confused.

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  1. You are so real. and I love it. HAHAHA That last picture is HILARIOUS!!! I am dying. That needs to be on ELLEN.


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