Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's all over, right?

So guess what happened a week after I got better?
You, guessed it--didn't you? 
I got sick. Again. With a cold, fever, and pretty gnarly sore throat. 
You always tell yourself when others complain about their very normal trials and label them as "punishment-for-this-or-that", that they don't understand the concepts of "life isn't fair, good things happen to bad people, no one is special," and "why not them?" and blah blah blah.
And then you get put the exact same situation. It actually happens to you and now it has to indeed be punishment for not, perhaps, being more attentive to that one patient that one day who had a cold too, or for just not being a completely perfect person for whatever reasons. 
Ha. Obviously, I learned a lesson or two during the past few weeks of off-and-on-again sickness. Consequently, I am walking back into the world with my tail between my legs and head down just a little bit. 
You look at life differently when your body forces you to take a break from the norm--controlling and modifying what, when and how much you can now eat, how often and how much rest and sleep you now need, whether your head is going to explode today or not, and most painfully: whether you can see or even kiss your little boy today or if you have to wait until tomorrow. 
Today seems to be my last day of recovery. I thank the Lord daily that Jude has stayed healthy during all of this. And throughout all of it I have been grateful for my good life and for all of the amazing things I have to resume enjoying after my health returns to me. 
Thanks to all of you just awesome people for your support, sweet calls and texts, help and concern!
Gosh, I just love you all. 
Have your own personal dance party on me. And dedicate it to me because until this virus is totally gone I'd be down-for-the-count before Katy Perry could tell me that "Baby, you're a firework."
And for the record I recommend any up-beat Britney Spears song. 
Or the Spice Girls. 

That photo was taken by my genius friend, Myra Merrill. Head on over to her blog if you want to see some insanely beautiful photos :) 


  1. Haha - you are cute. I like the party dance idea. I hope you have one yourself when you're feeling better!

  2. You poor thing, did you have strep throat? The same thing happened over at our place. I am sure my boss thought I just wanted an excuse to sit in my bubble bath for hours and watch gossip girl... but. NO. being sick sucks. GET WELL and stay HOT


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