Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bikes on the waterfront

This last week we had the time of our lives hosting Myra and Kenneth around Portland! They seriously made us fall in love with this city all over again. :)
We've been enjoying some pretty fantastic weather lately and my favorite thing we did together by far was renting bikes (after stuffing ourselves on Voo Doo) and riding along the waterfront and over the Steel bridge. Holy mother. Watching your man tote around a cute toddler who ate up every second on that bike in the gorgeous sunshine with some best friends and zero incline felt like heaven. 

Isn't she gorgeous?!

Oh, Kenneth. You're such a cool guy. Move your family in with us!

Loved following around that little blue helmet! 

We love the Rose City. :) 

After our hour was up he was undone when we pulled him out.
Just an excuse to do this every weekend, right?
Disclaimer: we did almost die on multiples occasions while taking photos with our iPhones every two seconds. Especially since we rode during lunch hour and one businessman in a suit yelled at me to watch where I was going.
Sorry, dude. I'm only having the time of my life. 


  1. This time of year in P town makes the rest WORTH IT. You have no ideas how often I day dream about the waterfront, 23rd, voo doo and burgerville. oh. and you.


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