Sunday, May 5, 2013

Uncle Bryon and Aunt Courtney

Last month, my brother, Bryon, and good friend Courtney--who just-so-happen to be marrying each other in August :)--were kind enough to drive from Rexburg to spend their Spring break with us!
Oh goodness, a whole week of girl time, dance parties, Jude and Uncle Bryon, Portland-exploring, eating way too much, and laughing our butts off made for an incredibly memorable visit.
We love you two and can't wait until Aunt Courtney is "officially" Aunt Courtney! 
So many pictures...sooooo many pictures...

We sure do love visitors :). Now if we could just get them all to stop leaving us and move out here already...


  1. This looks like a blast! Congrats to your brother, she is a hottie! PS. What is the elephant ear looking goodness?

  2. How fun! And so exciting for your bro and Courtney!! Family gatherings will be a blast!


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