Tuesday, August 20, 2013


We've been on vacation in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and a little New York! It's been wonderful, but I've missed my blog. I've missed writing and reminiscing and rambling and laughing at how funny I think I am in the wee hours of the night--all but to realize in the morning that I was totally crazy. And although I haven't posted in awhile, rest-assured, my loves, I've been watching you. 

More like keeping up with your own blogs. But why not be creepy? 

BTW, in case you didn't know, these are the serious faces you get when you're waiting for Shake Shack after you've taken a 5 mile exodus to evade hunger in what you thought were comfy-cute sandals, while taking each step in uncomfortably sweaty clothes. Walking into that crisp, burger-lased a/c was sent from artery-clogging heaven. 
Glad to see you, D.C.--but seriously, stop being so awfully muggy. 
Your air feels like a community steam room bathed in everyone's sweaty patriotism. 


  1. When we visited West Virginia in April, I couldn't handle the humidity anymore! I'm starting to like the dryness here in ut.

  2. Welcome back sista! I love shake shack. Although I have never had a shake from there.... just the chicken hot dog. Delish

  3. ahahaha goodness i love you! You and your witty writing. :) But I hate deceivingly comfy shoes (there's a special place in h*ll for those. I took that one too far).


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