Thursday, August 22, 2013

Trip to nyc

After the crazy wedding-week festivities while visiting my family, we decided to take a trip up to NYC to go spend a day with the city we love, the food we die for, and our awesome Aunt Briana. :)
Did we eat our way through?
Bagels, Pinkberry, pizza, arepa, ice cream, and Pinkberry again.
And then we rolled out of Harlem and returned to our beloved PA country. With lots of mud. And mosquitos. And farmer's tans. 

The MET after bagels. Carb-coma was an understatement.

Adam totally geeked out when he saw this Van Gogh. :) 

Our beloved Pinkberry that we probably worship way too much. People, it's all about the original tart with fruit. Stop getting other flavors and drowning them in caramel. 

This kid was in total heaven on the subway. :) 

Big Gay Ice Cream is everything they said it would be! Including how gay it was. There were unicorns and glitter everywhere...
Pinkberry x2. Like I said: addicted. Also, I'm a total hypocrite and got the cookies and cream and chocolate dots. And it was delicious. 

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  1. Oh NYC looked perfectly delicious. And that cone-holder-drip-saver deal your sister is holding. Pure genius...of course it would come from Big Gay Icecream. :) I'm with you and normally go with tart (or coconut) fro yo + fruit! But sometimes the chocolate is just calling your name. I still need to try Pink Berry at some point in my life. And I think it needs to be with you, so let's get on planning an NYC trip stat. ;) But seriously.


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