Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring, everyone!
I've made a resolve that with this new, glorious season upon us that I would make a greater effort to blog about our life here in our new friend called sunshine. 
We've missed her greatly. 
Yesterday, we went to Rita's Italian Ice for their opening of the season to enjoy a free ice and welcome Spring the right way. With free food. 

21 weeks and of course feeling huge. 

That night we had a perfectly Mexican meal, which we've discovered is one of Jude's favorites! Can you believe that little dude will be 3 on Tuesday??

Also, here's just some little moments from our lives over the past few weeks. 

Last week at 20 weeks--half way mark! 

A few weeks ago our dear friends Myra and Kenneth came to visit and we felt super cool when they had us over to their swanky NYC hotel to eat an entire cheesecake. Nothing is sexier than that city and cheesecake. 

Jude's new obsession is playdough and we've been playing with it more than I care to. But I mean, that I right? 

Does anyone remember Stoop Kid from Hey Arnold? 

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