Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The 3rd Birthday

Hey Jude,

Happy 3rd birthday, my sweet, sweet darling boy! 
What a year it's been!
You decided you finally wanted to start talking. And I'm so glad, because you're totally freaking hilarious. 
Some of my favorite things you're saying now are:
"Ma-mom, boops! Boops!" (Mom, boobs!). 
"Hoey crap" (holy crap) "Oh, NO!", "Oh MAN."
"No, no touch." 
"Train! Ready, set, go!" (whenever we see a train stopped at a station) 
"Come 'ere!" (He says as he waves to you violently to come see what he's doing). 

And what you're doing:
Kissing me constantly. 
Pointing and kissing my belly and saying "baby!" And whenever you see an actual baby girl you walk up carefully and stroke her head and kiss her cheeks. 
Pushing dining room chairs around the entire house to reach everything you want. 
Sitting on our stoop perfectly content. 
Waking me up every morning by handing me one of my necklaces. 
Discovering that lying in the bath tub and covering your ears with water is the most magical thing ever. 
Asking daddy to "wing" (swing) you at every possible moment. 
Yelling "Ma-mom!" and running to me even when it's only been 5 minutes since we last saw each other. 
Always being willing to give me an extra-big bite of whatever you're eating. 

You're the light of my life, buddy. And I know you and little sister are going to be the absolute best of friends. 

So today:
Mommy and daddy got you a scooter. We thought hiding it in daddy's office would make it safe enough, but this morning you woke up before us and found it. By the time we rolled out of bed you were already scooting towards us with it. 

Just look at that happy, blurry kid! 

Then we had oatmeal with strawberries for breakfast. And of course all you ate were the strawberries, and then we got ready for your two friends to come and celebrate with pizza and cupcakes!

Just look at those darling girls and their gorgeous
mama! (thanks so much for coming to play, Melissa!)


When our friends left we scooted around some more. 

And continued eating non-stop.
No like literally, he ate non-stop
from breakfast on--whatever, it's his birthday.

Saturday we're going to have a family
party for you to celebrate with Papa (Grandpa Burwell)
since your birthdays are only a day apart!
Can't wait to see what this next year brings.

Oh wait, I already know. A baby sister. Can't forget about her. 

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  1. i love how the gallery wall turned out! happy birthday jude!


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