Monday, May 11, 2015

Scout is 9 months, Mother's Day '15 and Lately

This past month has been a little crazy. 
-I started a new job and new specialty at a great local hospital (working one night a week, holla!), and since it required a pretty time-consuming two weeks of orientation my cousin Kacy and mother-in-law, Lisa, both flew in for each respective week to watch the little ones. 
-Scout turned 9 months! Nine months of Scout has been indescribable. This girl. Anyone who knows Scout knows her as a happy, social, bouncy, just sweet, sweet little (chubby) girl. She brings such joy and warmth into our family. And her and big brother are 100% best friends. It's magnificent. Also, these past 9 months have gone way too fast. When you're running after two kids life seems to go that much faster and these babies are growing up quicker than ever. 
-Shake Shack opened up here in Austin! Them and their burger/fry magic have already made us one very, very happy family. 
-I was completely pampered this Mother's Day (two naps, what??)! Jude made several sweet gifts for me in both school and church, Adam bought me a beautiful new necklace, and also cooked perfect pancakes for breakfast and a delicious Italian pasta for dinner. Am I one lucky baby-maker or what? 

Happy 9 months, baby girl! 

She stole that donut hole so quick I didn't even notice. Girl after my own heart.

Trying to teach Jude to *wink* is seriously the funniest thing ever. 

Jude thought Scout needed a snack, so he dumped his bag of Life cereal on the floor for her to enjoy. And she did. 

Salt Lick with Nana! This place is an Austin-area institution, and we are really learning our way around good BBQ. 

Adam sent me this picture of taking the kids to school via bike-trailer and I could.not.stop.laughing. Look at our little sardines! There's far too much cuteness packed into that little thing. 


Although we have been busy, we are not nearly as busy as we used to be. For the moment, we've found a balance, where there's far more time to make sweet memories and really sit and enjoy those heart-swelling moments. 
Life is so good right now. We love Austin. 

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