Thursday, August 6, 2015

A first birthday for Scout!

Our baby girl is one!
So many emotions yesterday with this happy, bubbly, brave, smiley, affectionate, lovely little girl going from infanthood to toddlerhood. She has been the perfect addition to our little family. She brings added joy and love and warmth and fun into all of our lives--including and especially Jude's. When she woke up that morning her big brother wished her a "happy birthday" and she immediately put her arms around his neck and they hugged for a long time. Where were we without you, Miss Scout?!

Yesterday we filled the day with things we thought she would enjoy. We started with riding bikes on the waterfront. The weather was perfect and the sun came out just in time for us to joy-ride, taking in some of our most favorite sites--all the while Scout singing and squealing, and saying, "baaaaby, baaaaby". 

At one point, overwhelmed by the magnitude of the influence of the little miss I had sitting in front of me, and all of the love we have for her and gratitude for this incredibly sweet year, I leaned forward and whispered into her ear, "Happy birthday, baby girl," knowing she'd never remember anything about this day, but hoping she would feel in the moment how intensely she is loved and adored. 

We worked up a good appetite and headed over to Little Big Burger, because let me tell you, this girl loves her fries. Morning, noon and night--just like her mama. 

Once we totally stuffed ourselves we visited our favorite book store, Powell's, to pick out some favorites to take home to Austin. I have to say, one of my favorite things about Jude is his love for books, and Scout is following suit. 

And what would a birthday (or any day) be without a trip to Salt and Straw? Sorry Scout, but you slept through this one. I enjoyed it for the both of us.

Once back at the Stevens' we had a little birthday dinner and celebration!--which big brother slept through. We had salmon, rice pilaf and zucchini and then vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting and sweet gifts from us and her grandparents. 

We love you so much, Scout Imogene! Thank you for such a wonderful year, baby girl!

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