Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Those last days of summer

Since arriving home from Portland, we made the goal to enjoy the last few days of summer, even if it meant melting in this insufferably hot oven. 
So, we went on an early-morning hike. 
Let me just tell you something: 
As long as it's August and as long as you're in Texas, it's hot. Always. 
Jude was the first of us to drop. Because I mean, wide, open away from back.....fall over, give up and make mom carry you the whole way while you guzzle the Camelback.  
All within 5 minutes of getting out of the car. 

But these two, they had at the best time ever. 
Of course they did. They're the most chronically-happy people ever. 

Nothing is more fun than body parts and silly face stickers. Nothing.

Nothing except little sister rolling around in them and getting eyes stuck on the back of her head. Some women are born with them there. She is one of them. 
Like I said, our summers are really hot. And reading takes away the sting of boredom since our pool has been tepid since June.  

Jude was drawing the sunset. Jude loves watching the sun go down and waits for the moon to appear every night. He calls us all outside the moment it all starts happening. I love how my kids remind me to enjoy the simple beauties of life. 

These two, on the eve of the first day of school. 

And he's home from his first day! Exhausted, quiet, but solemnly bigger and more determined to learn more tomorrow. 
That's my guy. 

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