Sunday, July 9, 2017

Fourth of July '17!

This past Fourth was a beautiful day in the PNW! 
We Stevens were feeling more like our normal selves, and instead of hunkering down and basically doing nothing until dinner-time, we decided to make the day as much of a good ole' American time as possible. 
After our ward's 8AM pancake breakfast and flag ceremony, we headed over to the Bothell Parade, which was just about the best small-time parade I've ever been to. Jude was especially blown away by the parade of Corvettes, and he even worked up the courage to beat out some of the other (greedy) children for the candy being thrown at them. My Jude is so sweet and doesn't like to push and shove, but that day this mama told him it was okay for the sake of sugar. Scout was afraid of the whole situation for most of the time, but warmed up at the end to the idea of people throwing Skittles at at her. 

Those Corvettes, man. 

Oh, Scouty, the 4th if just not your holiday. It's okay, you can have
Halloween. There's way more candy anyway. 
After the parade we maneuvered our way around the other 50 parades going on nearby to try to get to a freaking Jimmy Johns (ended up going 10 miles out of our way, but WORTH IT), and then parked it over at Waverly Beach Park for the afternoon, which if you east-siders haven't been to, we highly recommend. I figured that since the high was only in the mid-70's that swimming would be a stretch, but Jude and Nana were completely unfazed and had a great time in the water together while Scout played on the playscape and Piper pillaged everyone's food. For how much that girl eats, the babe is not chubby enough. Definitely doesn't get those genes from me. 

Just look at that handsome little water bug.

Everyone took quick little naps on the way home, and then we ate fried chicken and mac & cheese for dinner and played with our new snails. I'm a firm believer that pets are fantastic for children, but gosh, the snail infatuation needs to be over. Can't tell you how many extremely slow snails have somehow gone missing in my house and then reappeared still alive a week later. And Jude insists on taking them everywhere. But it is pretty cute when they come of out their shells and he takes them for rides on his pull-back cars. Probably gives them the thrill of their short little lives. 

We then finished the day by staying up late and blowing up whatever we could find. Scout was terrified this year of the fireworks, and coped by snuggling with grandpa on the couch and watching Sarah and Duck to drown out the war zone going on in our neighborhood--can't tell you how many car alarms went off--and by the way, if your kids haven't seen that show yet, we highly recommend it. Sadly, Jude got so into the fireworks that he forgot to put his shoes back on and ended up stepping on one that was still hot and got a second-degree burn. But otherwise, it was a top-notch day.

I love our country and those in my family and those not who've sacrificed so much to protect our freedoms. 
America, you're just the best. 

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