Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Summer Days with my crew

We're already into our third week of summer and I'm already feeling like fall will be here before I know it! Gosh, I love the sun and warm grass so much--why can't I just enjoy it and not feel like it's only going to inevitably come to a very dark, very cold end?
Our days mostly consist of park days, grilling, eating dinner in the grass, swimming in our filthy wading pool, being bath-worthy daily, the occasional (okay, once) Mariner's game, and watching Miss Piper grow up big and beautiful right before our very eyes. 

Ever have one of those moments when your near 3 year old, while watching her older brother zoom around on his big-boy bike, turns to you and says, "Mom, I need a Scout bike", and you realize, "Oh, crap, you don't have a bike!"? So over the weekend, Craigslist bestowed her with just about the cutest little pink bike a girl could hope for. 

This last picture is a big deal. HUGE. If I could turn the sound in this picture, the explosion of self-accomplishing joy and confidence resulting in Jude screaming at the top of his lungs--"Woo-hoo! I can do this!!"--in celebration of being able to finally swing all by himself--it was one of those parenting moments you dream of. 

Nothing brings siblings closer together than swimming in each other's pee and drool. 

Day 1 of art class with daddy! On a stress scale from 0-10, Adam was probably a Monica, but I think they had a good time. Jude learned how to use less paint and smaller brush strokes, and Adam learned that watching your children's uncontrollable curiousity with acrylic paint won't destroy anything except maybe his hairline. 

Those faces post hot dog, nachos, ice cream and something called a "tiger brownie." Our faces in the morning were less cheery. 

She's already 10 months old! And Scouty turns three next month! *tears*

Hope you're all enjoy your summers so far! 

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