Sunday, June 24, 2012

All grown up

Lately, we've been soaking up as much sun as humanely possible, trying to find ways to transform our apartment from, "Hey, I just moved my furniture from a previous 600 sq. ft  apartment into a much bigger place," to, "Hey, I'm an adult now and know what I'm doing," and also trying to find a balance with me logging in an uncharacteristic amount of hours taking care of the senior citizens, all the while trying to remember for the life of me when the last time I washed my hair was. 
And when it gets to that point, I simply sit down with a bowl of popcorn (after washing my filthy hair, of course) and watch re-runs of Grey's Anatomy while trying to ignore that funk of unknown origin coming from Jude's room. 
As long as it's not a dead animal it can wait until tomorrow. 
Cheers to life and it's many, many ways in which it can seriously drive you to forsake those basic hygiene lessons your mother swore she'd engraved into your brain.
I'm doing just fine, Mom. 
Here are just a few shots that will sum up the highlights of the past week. 


  1. love the couch, love jude's face, love your dress!

  2. seriously, i love ya. we are kindred spirits...i'm not even a working mama like you, superwoman, and i still struggle with my hair hygiene. ;) those elderly peeps are lucky to have you as as one of their nurses! and yay for a new couch with fab pillows! oh and cute jude by the pool. Stud. Muffin. And your dress...gorgeous Brit. :)

  3. Adorable outfit, wicked couch and cool baby.


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