Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Newport and the Aquarium!

This past weekend Jude got strep throat. Did it stop us from driving two hours to the Oregon coast?
Nope. We decided that we'd pack up our little one, with his eight liters of antibiotics, very own bag of treats, and whiney, "I need a nap, but don't know how" voice and head 
out to visit our dear Mindie and her family before they move out to Utah. 
Mindie and her family live in Newport, OR and while there they took us to the new aquarium that just opened!

Jude, can I just tell ya: YOU are taking this mama's breath away lately. Seriously--
walking everywhere, smiling and pointing at everything and everyone, realizing (as shown above) that you're not quite sure about sand, and discovering the world around 
you--I'm just an adoring bystander witnessing your little mind soar and I'm loving every second. Gosh, I love you, little dude. You also sprouted a neck the other day, due to 
said walking, and I think I might cry myself to sleep knowing that you're more of a little man now than a baby. 
Stop it. 


  1. seriously stop it jude, and everton, you can stop while you're ahead too. oh my gosh aquariums are so fun, we took everton when he was like, 11 months? we need to take him again. i love jude and his little chubby arms!

  2. I love this post! Adorable! Also-you guys and your colored pants. ROCKED IT.

  3. ditto Catherine! your colored pants them all!

    and how fun to visit friends and enjoy some under the sea goodness!! that penguin/bird guy you & jude are smiling at is too CUTE :) and the tunnel is stellar!

    and Jude man is growing up oh-so fast. He and Brooks both need to apply the brakes. stat. ;)


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