Friday, June 8, 2012

Hey Jude

Hey Jude,

Guess what? Grandma's in town--all the way from Pennsylvania! 
She decided that she'd leave the beautiful, warm, lush country and venture out to a presently hated area of the United States because it somehow, once again, can't seem to realize that it's June. JUNE. So although it's been cold and rainy the past week she's been here, we've been able to have lots of fun together--and even enjoy a couple hours of blessed sun that poked through during our trip to the zoo.
Favorite part about our zoo outing: you walking up to that poster that shows how teeny-tiny you are compared to those gigantic teddy bears. 
Good thing, too--because mom was starting to think you were getting too big. 
Tomorrow? I think we'll go to the Saturday market and buy you a cinnamon bun. Because you're my little sweety. And also because your little butt cheeks are looking smaller. 



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