Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch

On Saturday, we went to the pumpkin patch. This year, in comparison to last year, was basically the Jude Show. The child commands attention, and I mean, come on, who doesn't when they look like a baby Justin Bieber rocking yellow chino's? Totallllllyyy unintentional, but nevertheless, undeniable. The kid's a stud, whatever. And he's got a lot of hair. 
You're welcome. 
This pumpkin patch was run by a local family farm and soon after discovering that the rocks in the driveway weren't edible (ugh, boys), and finishing harassing the animals, Jude found a little red Radio Flyer wagon and didn't leave its side. 
Fall is definitely my favorite time of year, and although it was uncharacteristically warm, and not to mention sunny, I could feel the nostalgia in the air. 

Also, this weekend is ma birfday. Feel free to stop by with cake--because I'm too tired to do anything but watch Grey's Anatomy and make sure my kid is fed. 

How you mothers of multiple children do it is beyond me. 


  1. Wowie! It's no surprise this kid is so stylish with the parents he has! Wish I could just swing by with birthday cake... Hope your birthday is great!

  2. Could your family be ANY cuter? Love this

  3. i'm still trying to understand everton, his boyhood, and his obsession with eating rocks! i love jude's yellow pants. and i seriously have no clue how moms of multiple kids do it! happy birthday weekend!

  4. Love his pants! Jude=ridiculously handsome and cute. Like you don't know;-)

  5. - fourth picture, LOVE it.
    - i'm trying really hard not to covet his pants...may I ask where you got them?? and your fabulous green pants? :)
    - what a fun time at the pumpkin patch! love fall festivities like this. :)
    - HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!! a relaxing weekend sounds perfecto. love ya Britney!

  6. That picture of the profile shot of Jude is so incredibly awesome.


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