Friday, September 28, 2012

Just give me a minute

I have a new excuse for not being a consistent blogger--and it's only one word this time: Pathophysiology. 
Basically, I'm graduating this December with my bachelors of science in nursing and I saved this dreadful class until my last academic, dying breath. 
So anyway, until I get the hang of 120+ pages of notes per exam and can stop staring at that picture of that guy with neurofibromatosis, I'm going to be a little absent. Follow me on Instagram if you miss my bad habit of posting too many pictures of my child--I'll never kick it. 
I also included a video of us at the park a few days ago. Jude's main thrill in life is a slide, as you can very well see. 
Warning: click on that link if you're curious. but you might die. 


  1. ehhhhhh i clicked on that link!!! i'm never reading your blog again. jkjkjkjkjk but seriously though, that was horrifying.

  2. Okay I took your dare. Then I threw up.


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