Sunday, October 16, 2011

Birthday Weekend

This birthday weekend has been amazing...not only because it's lasted literally all weekend, but also because I got to do all of my favorite things, with my favorite people, and with my favorite new toy. I started off yesterday with a brand new teaset from my lover, then picked up by Mom Stevens with hot chocolate and donuts on our way to get manicures, go shopping--lots of shopping--pumpkin patching, and then finishing the day off with carving pumpkins and eating my favorite pizza with friends. 
Today, we had dinner at Mom and Dad Stevens' (grilled salmon, rice pilaf, zucchini with mozzarella, and balsamic tomatoes---aannnnddd chocolate tuxedo cake). Lisa suprised me with my very own tea ball AND a sugar claw/grabber/thingy that she inherited from her mom. It was so special! And I felt special--thanks to all of you for your birthday wishes and kind words. You really made me feel so loved! xoxo

shopping spoils. que palpitations. 

Can it please be fall year-round? I honestly can't get enough of it. 

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  1. Loved every bit of this! happy HAPPY birthday Britney!! Sounds like a stupendous weekend :) And I'm so glad you got to capture it all with your new favorite toy! (I'm with you! the 4S is pretty much magical:)

    How fun that you had a sweet morning or hot cocoa and manicures with mama stevens :) and your tea set!!! LOVE it.

    And your pumpkin patch outing! How stinkin' cute are you 3?? that picture of you holding Jude in front of that measuring thing is AWESOME...look at his smile! And you are looking gorgeous as ever...i simply adore your outfit :)

    And yay for pizza with friends, then a gourmet meal with Adam's family...tuxedo cake, get in my belly. Hope you get your wish! :) Those last two pictures are perfect for 3 reasons: gorgeous couple, fabulous ensemble (stripes + polka dots = LOVE), and fall leaves.

    Happy Monday girl! xoxo


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