Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Little Boy Things

We're realizing that Jude's room needs to be updated from "baby" to "toddler."
And here are a few world maps we're considering hanging in his space from the genius designers over at These are Things.
Every little boy needs one of these, in my opinion. How else is a little man inspired to go exploring while sailing on the ocean blue and become an adventurer who travels to all of the most remote and exotic areas of the world, bringing along his telescope and pet monkey? How else? 

Can't I just suffer in my denial that I have a near two-year-old in peace? 


  1. 2 years old? He is practically 15 now! Love the maps. Love the first one.

  2. love those. we want to one day get a map the size of a wall. sighhhhh i can't believe our babies are almost 2 :(


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