Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The best weeks

This week has been a chill, uneventful one for our little family. And honestly, these weeks are my favorite. Just me and Jude, playing all day and waiting for daddy to come home. It's fun because once daddy steps through the door Jude and I exchange mutual looks where we both understand that it's time to pretend that there's no way we ate cookies all day or just changed into normal clothes 10-minutes ago. So yeah sure, we totally read books for 5 hours, went to the park and got discovered for our superior slide skills, Jude learned Chinese and that's why he's taking so long to blurt out anything English, and he's also in the top 100 percentile for fingernail growth and belly button perfection. 
Either way, in whomever's eyes, it was a perfect day :). 
Here's more pics from our astonishing Myra Merrill


  1. OBSESSED. The colors are mesmerizing. ALSO, i love the new pics on the left side. c-u-t-e

  2. maybe that's everton's problem too! i think he's speaking flemish.

  3. I just died and went to insanely-beautiful-family heaven. Such amazing photos! Captured you guys beautifully! From the first sweet one of Jude, to the sassy one of him in the fountain ;) and the one of you leaning your head (lovely hait Brit!) on Adam's shoulder...Loved them all! That Myra friend of yours is a talented chica. :)


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