Friday, June 21, 2013

Burgers and Ice Cream

When life has been busy for us for several weeks in a row and the weather turns cold and rainy again, we tend to lock ourselves inside during any free moments, eat omelets for dinner and watch re-runs of Greys Anatomy (ok..maybe that's just me). Regardless, today was another cloudy day, but mild in temperature and we decided to peel ourselves out of our place and drive into Portland. Our favorite go-to spot is 23rd Street. It's this perfectly quaint street lined with independently owned boutiques and shops--not to mention delicious food and a real taste of the city's unique culture. If we've ever taken pictures of us eating in Portland, chances are it was a place on 23rd street. 
Our main intention in going out was to visit our favorite, Salt and Straw, for ice cream--his favorite: strawberry honey balsamic and pepper. My favorite: almond bark. Jude's favorite: vanilla. 
But we noticed that Little Big Burger just opened a spot right next door and who couldn't use a killer burger and fries before a gallon of ice cream? Perfect product placement, if you ask me.

We've learned from our mistakes and made sure Jude was able to enjoy his own ice cream cone. 

Now that we've had our fill, we can go back to being hermits until the sun comes back, right?


  1. Looks like it was a great day. I have been craving a good BURGER!

  2. First picture: hot mom.
    Second picture: since when did Jude become such a little man with those long legs?? SO CUTE. Er, I mean handsome. ;)

    Looks like a fun and tasty time with the fam! Can we hit up both of those places next time we're in town? :)


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