Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Trip and a Surprise :)

All pictures aside, we made a short video of our fun day trip to NYC after the crazy wedding week last month. 
It's mostly just a video of us eating (yeah, we went to Pinkberry twice), but I love it.
Also, there's a surprise ending to some really exciting news of ours :). 

NYC Video from Adam Stevens on Vimeo.

Specifically, New Jersey :) 


  1. CONGRATS!! How exciting. If I am out there for work. We will be meeting up, and eating the entire time.

  2. 1. Super cute video! Loved the music and video clips that were all pieced together
    2. Foooood. I am so hungry now.
    3. I thought you were going to announce a #2 addition hahaha. Hope all your moving plans came together and that you have a stress-free(ish) move!!!


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