Sunday, September 8, 2013

Let me explain myself..

So, let me, ahem, explain ourselves.
Adam, Jude and I are moving to New Jersey in two weeks. 
Before I started nursing school and before Adam and I were even dating, I was taken on a tour of Hackensack University Medical Center by a dear friend of mine who works there.
Coming from working in a small ER home in PA, I was blown away the size, innovation, and camaraderie of the employees that worked there. The place just screamed, "We love what we do. And we're good at." 
Since then it's been my dream to work there, but since it's the #1 hospital in NJ and ranking nationally, in the Top 3 Metro Hospitals in the NYC area, and a pioneering magnet hospital, I thought, "That's a nice thought, Brit, but it'll never happen." 
I got a job for an assisted living community while I finished my bachelors because the Portland area is so saturated with nurses that us new grads have hospital doors shut in our faces--for how long?-- until we get hospital jobs. Makes sense, right? 
So, I finished my bachelors and thought things would happen. But, although I started a new job that was a definite step up, I wasn't getting the experience I wanted and needed to be the nurse I wanted to be and to make it so I could have a flexible career while raising a family.  
All the while praying for a miracle. 
And then it happened: my good friend opened her mouth. Like the beautiful angel she is. She told me if I wanted to work for HUMC the opportunity was mine for the taking.
And it took me quite awhile. Awhile. I blew it off and threw it to the side.
"We love Portland. Let's just stay here."
But then one day, it clicked, and I knew I couldn't deny the fact that the best opportunity I'll ever get was starring me in the face and if I didn't take advantage of it now--while my kid isn't in school and we don't have a house, and things are as uncomplicated as they'll ever be--that it would be gone and I'll have lost my chance. 

Now, Adam is the awesome designer and insanely supportive husband that he is and is staying on with his stellar company remotely for a few months while he starts freelancing in NYC.  

So, here we go. Don't screw it up.  

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  1. I am so impressed by you. You are awesome, good luck AND FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!


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