Saturday, September 14, 2013

Our last weekend

Welp, this week has been so sad it's becoming a little ridiculous.
We sold most of our furniture downstairs--including Jude's favorite (very large) toys, and held back tears as the little guy fumed all morning over his table and chairs being sold last night.
No one said how emotional it is to get rid of your stuff.
Why can't this just be easy?
So anyways, today, because it's our last weekend in Portland, we let Jude eat his weight in bananas to calm the heck down, took our millionth trip to Goodwill drop-off, and then drowned our sorrow in New York pizza, of all things, on our favorite street in Portland.
And then went to Salt and Straw for ice cream.
But that's to be expected. 

He's even more of an emotional eater than I am. 

Dancing to Katy Perry's "Firework." And steeling 12-year-old hearts doing it. 

And right now--I'm drunk on carbs. And it feels good.
Except that I have to somehow fit into a dress tomorrow. 


  1. that pizza seriously looks so good. i'd love to go with you to get pizza, you seem to know the good pizza joints. good luck with the move!

  2. Good luck! I love that you lived it up with FOOD your last weekend in Portland. Lets be honest, I would have done the same thing.


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