Saturday, January 2, 2016

Big Sister's February Wedding!

*Disclaimer, this post is a touch sappy--but whatever*

In February, my big sister, Briana, got married in Salt Lake City--and I can't believe I never posted about it. 
She married just about the greatest guy ever (next to my Adam, of course *wink wink*), and we really love them both so much. It was the perfect day, they're the perfect couple, and they make each other perfectly happy. 
It was quite a trip though. Adam's work was incredibly busy, so me and the kids made the trek on our own. Jude had just started his first week of preschool, and the night before our departure he developed a cough and a low-grade fever. I figured it was just a cold and we set out that next morning. The whole way there Jude coughed is freaking lungs out. But pushing through and being his normal cheery self, I figured it was really nothing. My sister-in-law, Mindie, was SO GRACIOUS (because she's a freaking beautiful, magical unicorn of a woman) to let us stay with her and her four kids amidst expelling his germs every 15 seconds. The fever kept going for days, and while I don't belong anywhere else than caring for my sick child, I was disappointed to be missing out on the family festivities. I mean, I flew there for this stuff, right? 
By the third-day-straight of high fever and coughing, Jude lost steam and wasn't himself anymore. He stopped eating and drinking, which clued me in that something was really wrong. But being the nurse that I am, it wasn't until he threw up and passed out on the toilet that I finally took him to the ER. 
Delirious, lethargic, and blue-lipped, I carried my sweet boy into the hospital. 
Three IV sticks, a bag of fluids, a chest x-ray, a nasal swab and a breathing treatment later, he starting perking up--exhausted, irritable, but more himself. The doctor then said he had RSV and since he was rehydrated and the fever broke we were okay to go home. 
Almost on our way out, the nurse checked his oxygen levels just one more time and found they were too low to go home. So they admitted him. Because he's cute, right? The ER doctor said it would be a few days before we'd probably be discharged.
Once admitted into the pediatric floor Adam decided enough-was-enough and he set out to meet us. 
Fortunately, after a relatively good night's sleep, Jude woke up acting much more like himself and when he told the nurse he wanted chocolate for breakfast, I knew he was back. So he had Oreos and chocolate milk and a long nap. 

A few hours later we were back to Mindie's and Adam arrived and took over just in time for me to spend a few hours with Briana before the morning of. I watched her try on her wedding dress for the last time, her best friend practice her wedding makeup and hair, and laugh as she opened her sexy gifts. 
It was a perfect, intimate send off to our sweet older sister. 

And then the big day! 

We made such fond memories with our families out West and are so grateful for them. I even got to see some major besties from our former life in Portland!

I'm thankful to all our wonderful family and friends who helped and offered help with the kids while Jude recovered and for making our visit so great. Even though it was almost a year ago it really feels like yesterday. We need to go back. My kids need snow in their lives. And Aunts and Uncles. And cousins...

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  1. AW I LOVE THIS POST!!! I can't believe it was almost a year ago. MOVE HERE!!


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