Saturday, March 17, 2012

We Saw the Animals

It was a cold, windy day, but it was also $4 day, so Jude and I and Uncle Bryon put on our coats, our bear-ears hat, and went the zoo earlier this week. 
Uncle Bryon and I were deprived of the zoo as children--we lived an hour from the Philadelphia Zoo and went ONCE, gosh dang it...for a school field trip. So it didn't even really count.
Sure, we had every stuffed animal imaginable--to the point that our stacked bunk beds resembled those kitschy old lady cars with the back window lined up with collectable Beanie-Babies. Sick. 
We also had gerbils. Who the heck had gerbils?
But our exposure to wild life was limited to a goldfish named Goldie and the occasional groundhog. So naturally, when we had the chance to go see exotic animals our inner, neglected child comes skipping and squealing through.
We had a blast.
And Jude couldn't have had more fun walking around with Bryon, banging on the African instruments, eating elephant ears, and pointing at things. 
It's so endearing. 
And he's awfully cute. 
No baby elephant or naked mole rat can touch my guy. 

1 comment:

  1. beanie-baby-filled Love it ;)

    so glad you, your brother, and little Jude man went to the zoo! i love me some wild animals...and combined with family and yummy elephant ears, pretty much perfect :)


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