Saturday, March 31, 2012

Say hello to your friendly, neighborhood creepers..

Just thought I'd remind you all that that my sister and mom are still in town. And my love-handles are out of this world. I never knew I could put down so much premium ice cream. 
I also wanted to let you in on some of the hilarious things that my mom and sisters have been saying which have rendered me helpless on the floor like a drunk Sponge-Bob being tickled to death. 
-"Oh he's married? Married?? It doesn't matter unless they have kids." 
-"Ok, we can park here as long as everyone walks out limping."
-"I bet if we each do 100 blows we can blowup this air mattress."
-"Mom, steam rolls us." 
-Speaking of snacking during a movie: "I'm just shoving something in. I'm not eating to enjoy it." 
-"Moist? Like my thighs on a hot summers day..."
-"Shat up you little slat."
-When my post-preggo midriff peeked out: "Hey, put your bread dough away." *tear* 
Happy General Conference, everyone! If you want to have your day up-lifted, let alone life, tune in from 10-12pm and 2-4pm MST. It was beyond excellent today! 

p.s. Happy April Fool's day too--hopefully my deodorant isn't full of cream cheese and my toilet seat covered in honey in the morning. 

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  1. I love your family and I do not even know them. Sounds like a blast!


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