Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Rexburg Trip!

Hi Britney.
This is Future Britney.
This time in your life, when you think life is really busy and you gage said business on a how-many-Grey's Anatomy-re-runs-could-I-have-watched-today-but-didn't-have-time-to scale, just remember: you'll have more babies.
More babies.
And these babies won't want to watch Grey's anyway. 
Busy is good.
And aside from getting a new custom TV stand (holla, IKEA!) and Captain Crunch making his way back into my life, we've been taking a few deep breaths and approaching unpacking one article of clothing at a time. 
So here's the rest of the Rexburg trip--including the plane ride there (that pic below is Jude saying hello to the little girl behind us), the mom-van the car rental company upgraded me too--which was surprisingly awesome--girl time with NATALIE, my old roommates Courtney and Kara, beautiful Myra!!, my brother coming to surprise his girlfriend, Courtney (yes my roommate and BF from home, crazy!!), spending time with little baby Finn, who is too precious for words, and his little sisters, Sienna and Maggie, and getting free fro yo because I'm still just that awesome to desperate college boys. It was an epic trip. And it made me miss Rexburg terribly. 

Lastly, please try not to imagine the war zone going on on the roof of my mouth right now due to The Captain's sharp spears shredding my mouth to pieces. 
I'd put the spoon down if I could. 


  1. How cool is that that your brother is dating your good friend and former roommate?! I'm sure that's like every sister's dream come true for her own brother. hehehh I am jealous you got to take a trip out to Rexburg. We sure miss that place. Keep the pics on coming!

  2. This looks like a complete BLAST! I love it:) Also, captain crunch. ALWAYS needs to be in your life.


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