Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day!

This Memorial Day was spent sleeping in, going to Burgerville with family for lunch--endless hamburgers and delicious fresh strawberry smoothies--and having a BBQ with some awesome friends and, afterward, walking over to the park!
I come from a family of veterans and I am so proud of the sacrifices that the men in my family have made for our country and so grateful for those who have served and who serve today. Thank you for your service! 

Had we been visiting with my family, I'm sure we would've blown up some left over 4th of July paraphinalia in honor of our servicemen. But, in lieu of our dearth of gun powder, we ate about 5 lbs. of meat each and burned marshmallows. And it all felt strangely patriotic.  

p.s. see all the static in that last picture? i thought it was pretty impressive. 


  1. i love how we have pics of our boys and their staticky hair from the playground

  2. tiny friends :)
    FABulous hair :))
    park time :)))
    delicious food :))))
    looks like a great weekend!!


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