Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hey Jude

Hey Jude,

Tonight, before bed, you pulled out your two favorite books and we read them together--over and over and over again. And every time I made you laugh at the best parts, you would turn, look up at me, smile, and kiss my lips. 
I couldn't stop laughing! 
I think I will cherish those sweet moments forever. 
While reading the first three pages of The Cat in the Hat, and reading Ten Friendly Fish over-and-over again, with baby drool on my face, I thanked the Lord for giving me you.
You're hilarious. And I have loved reliving my childhood with you.

Here are the books of your baby-hood with their respective favorite parts. I'm sure we will need to buy these multiple times throughout your life--you love these so much you're under the impression they taste as good as they look--but that's OK. 

And here is where you laugh. Really hard. Because we both bump and jump! 

I love you.
A thousand times, I love you little dude. 
Thanks for being so darlingly fantastic. 



  1. Adorable!!!! I miss being a kid and reading cat n the hat. classic

  2. goodness I would have loved to be spying on you two...watching him giving you kisses and then to see you both go bump & jump!! (please don't think I'm creepy;)

    you're so right! we do relive our childhood with our little ones! :) LOVED this sweet letter to your little Jude. What a lucky boy is to have you as his mama. <3


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