Saturday, July 14, 2012

Date Night

Earlier this week, Adam told me that he was planning on taking me on a sexy date this weekend. This is why I keep him around. Usually our dates consist of Chipotle, Jude, and trying to not watch as the little one sips on water and backwashes food back into the straw. Sexy, right? 
Anyway, Adam took me to this delicious Mexican restaurant because, in his words, "You work hard. You deserve good Mexican food." 
And after inhaling said delicious food and having a conversation about how awesome the place was for having ginger beer and that funny face Jude makes when you put glasses on him, we went to Cinetopia and saw Peter Parker fight bad guys--while eating a ridiculous amount of buttery popcorn and drinking enough Mr. Pibb to burst 5 bladders.  
And then we made out in the parking lot. Like 16-year-olds.
I can't believe I just told you that. 
It was a great date. And so is my man. But you already knew that :)    


  1. You guys are too cute. The end.

  2. You are super cute! Also that guacamole looks simply amazing.

  3. This is what it is all about! Life gets so busy with work, planning, kids, life and we need to go out and have a hot make out date once in a while! I think we will this weekend!

  4. Hot smokin' wife! WOO! :)

    Sounds like a perfect date. My Adam and I need to follow your lead...ASAP


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